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RV Central Vacuum Vac PanIf you’ve been taking advantage of RV travel this season, now might be a good time to give it a mid-season spruce-up. Depending on where you’ve traveled, who you’ve been with, and even the types of weather you’ve experienced, there might still be dirt lingering in places that perhaps you haven’t gotten to in any routine cleanings. If your RV’s interior looks like it could use some help, you’ve come to the right place. There are number of ways to get the interior clean and keep it that way, one of the most convenient being an RV central vacuum system.

Whether you are giving your whole RV interior a deep clean, or working on a single area, it’s best to work from the top down, doing ceilings and walls first and saving the floors for last. Things like kitchen countertops, sinks, and mirrors are easy to clean regularly, as you can simply wipe them down to get rid of dust, stains, or debris. Keep in mind that you’ll need to wipe down other hard surfaces in your RV as well, such as the steering wheel and other frequently handled parts of the dashboard. Hard floors can be swept, mopped, or treated with appropriate cleaners. If you are mopping or using a cleaner on the floor, make sure it gets dried off soon after, rather than letting the floor air-dry.

Your RV’s bathroom may need more frequent cleaning than other parts of your RV. The toilet, for example, needs to be cleaned no less than once a week with regular use. Take care to clean the inside of the bowl first before moving to the outside. Make sure to only use cleaners made for RV toilets, to avoid problems caused by harsh household cleaners. Likewise, the shower area is another spot that should be cleaned often. Optimally, it should be wiped down each time after someone uses it.

The kitchen is another area that needs attention on a regular basis. Besides the obvious spots such as the sink and countertops, make sure you also wipe down the backsplashes behind the sink and stove. The microwave & oven should both be cleaned inside and out, along with the stove. Stuck on food inside the microwave will be easier to clean out if you heat up a bowl of water inside for a short time first. Don’t forget your RV refrigerator and freezer! Any food should be removed and the inside and outside should be wiped down completely.

Having an RV central vacuum system such as the Dirt Devil CV1500 can make things easier in the long run because you won’t have to think about storing a large upright vacuum somewhere in your motorhome. The motor and dust collection bin are typically installed in a separate area, such as your coach's outside storage. It can also be mounted inside under a seat or in a closet, either horizontally or vertically. The CV1500 comes with various attachments that can help you vacuum areas besides the floor, such as fabric window treatments, upholstered furniture, and around tight spaces such as the dusty corners around the dashboard. It also works for cleaning up dry messes on hard floors. If you have the Dirt Devil VacPan installed, messes can be swept up to the pan and then sucked away, as it mounts right up against the floor line. Cobwebs and dust along vents or walls can also be easily vacuumed away due to the expandable hose that can reach a length up to 35 feet. It’s designed not to generate a lot of noise and the motor has a reset function to keep it from overheating. It features state of the art HEPA filters that collect 99.7% of dirt, dust, and allergens. The optional Rug Rat attachment has rotating brushes to give carpets and upholstery a deep clean.

Should you need it, replacement power units for the Dirt Devil CV1500 are available separately. We also carry replacement HEPA filter bags, hoses, attachments, and installation fittings. This includes the separate lint tool attachment that has a pendulum brush made for removing pet hair, lint, and other fibers.

Keeping Your RV Clean with a Central Vacuum System