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The suspension system on your RV can potentially wear out, just as with most other vehicle parts. A better suspension system reduces the stress on other parts of the RV including the frame, plumbing, tires, and hitch. By smoothing over most impacts from the road, it provides a more comfortable ride for you and your passengers. It also comes into play for RV trailers when considering their load capacity. Having a newer suspension system may increase it. You should check out your RV's suspension system at least two times a year or more, if you travel more often. Things like worn out parts or a trailer that does not sit correctly can both be warnings that the suspension system may need repair or replacement.

There is more than one type of RV suspension system, including those with coil springs, leaf springs, torsion bars, or air bags. Coil springs & leaf springs are less expensive and more commonly used types, smoothing out most road imperfections. Leaf springs are most often found on travel trailers and 5th wheels. Torsion bars are a more expensive type that attach to your RV's frame, but are not designed to work with a weight equalizer in a dual or triple axle system the way leaf springs do. Equalizers prevent too much weight from being put on an axle. Air bags are the type of suspension with the highest cost, but also provide the smoothest ride.

You can install an RV suspension system yourself if you feel confident enough to do so, or have it installed professionally. Systems such as the MOR/Ryde SRE 4000 & CRE 3000 series are designed to be easier to install, without welding or drilling. Both series are made to replace leaf spring equalizers for travel trailers or 5th wheels and work with tandem axle setups for 33" or 35" wheel bases. The CRE 3000 series allows for 3" of suspension travel, while the SRE 4000 allows for 4". They are sold in sets of 2, with the SRE 4000 series also including an X-factor cross member for greater support. The CRE 3000 systems work with 3500-7000 lb axles while the SRE 4000 system is used on trailers with a 5200-7000 gross axle weight rating. To go along with SRE 4000 or CRE 3000 are heavy duty shackle kits which include shackle brackets, bronze bushings, wet bolts, and nuts. These shackle kits attach the equalizer to the leaf spring. Keep in mind that your 5th wheel or travel trailer does need to meet certain specifications in order for the MOR/Ryde system to be compatible. Feel free to contact us if you need assistance in choosing a system.

Upgrading Your RV Suspension System