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Keeping your RV secureKeeping your RV secure at the campground or RV park goes a long way toward making sure your road trip goes as planned. There are a number of things you can do to protect your RV and possessions, particularly if you are in an unfamiliar area. Owning an RV or camper is a large investment, and you’ll want to take steps to ensure that it stays safe. Here are some simple ways to increase security around your RV this camping season.

Using the proper locks is typically the most common way to secure your RV as well as the belongings inside. If you have a 5th wheel trailer, having a kingpin lock such as the Curt 23255 can prevent someone from hitching up your trailer and driving off with it. For travel trailers, there is the Fastway universal coupler lock that fits nearly any style and size of trailer coupler. You may also want to consider installing deadbolts on your doors. Obviously outside storage compartments should be locked, but most come standardized. The CH751 is the standard key used for most RV storage compartments, therefore it would be wise to switch out the locks. Combi-Cam locks can replace any 3/4” cam lock and use a combination, eliminating the need for keys. Keyless locks from Bauer are also available for RV entry doors, and are programmed with a 4 digit PIN to gain entry.

Locks aren’t the only way to add security for your RV. Security cameras and motion sensor lights give you a similar stronghold to the devices you may use at home. The Pilot Automotive CL-4001 can be operated using an app on your phone or tablet over Wi-Fi. It features a built-in microphone, a rotatable camera lens, and night vision with a 30 ft range. Swift Hitch also has a multi-purpose camera that can be used for security purposes. It can also connect to your phone or tablet, but without the need of an internet connection. It has a water-resistant housing and a 6 ft night vision range. Motion sensor lights such as the porch lights from Smart Lights come on when they sense movement, deterring anyone who may be around your campsite at night. It stays off during the day, and at night can distinguish between people and small animals or wind.

Besides outdoor lighting, security cameras, and locks, there are a few more quick tips on RV security. Using a boot on your wheels such as the Trimax Ultra Max prevents someone from stealing the wheels, changing tires, or making off with your vehicle. The Ultra Max fits almost any 10-18” wheel and has a steel disc which covers the lug nuts. Just like your car, make sure your valuables are stored away, and keep the windows closed with the shades drawn when you aren’t at the campsite. Try to stay in a well-lit area if you are at a campground or in a parking lot, and have a light on inside the RV. Don’t leave your outdoor set-up unattended without putting everything away first. Lastly, store valuables inside your RV, rather than in the outside compartments.

Security Around Your RV