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As the temperatures continue to get warmer, keeping your RV and campsite area cool becomes important. When dealing with the summer sun, you’ll want to take advantage of whatever shade is available. The more you use the available shade, the less wear and tear you’ll place on your RV’s air conditioner as well. There are a number of ways to make full use of the shade, along with products that can assist in that matter.

If you want to get the most out of the shade, you’ll want to try and park your RV near trees if possible. If you know what campground you’re going to, you can research the place ahead of time and request a site with a lot of shade. Try to place it in a position where most of the sun comes in the morning rather than the afternoon when the heat of the day is at its highest. If that’s not possible, park it so the afternoon sun reaches the side of your rig that has less windows. Parking near water will boost the amount of sun that hits your RV as well, as the light reflects off of it. Keep in mind the color of your RV when looking for shade also. A dark colored camper will tend to get hotter on the inside compared to a light colored camper, as a light colored camper reflects more sun.

Of course, it won’t be possible to get ample natural shade all the time. This is where your RV’s awnings, blinds, and window shades come into play. Not to mention, you’ll want your campsite to be well shaded too, for maximum comfort. If you have window awnings, extend them once parked to block the sun from shining directly through them. Obviously, you’ll make use of your motorhome’s attached awning, but there are also additional shades, canopies, and screen rooms that can take that even further. Shades can be attached to the front or sides of the awning to block the sun at certain angles. Canopy extensions can spread the shaded area out further. Screen rooms are attached on all sides of an awning to provide an enclosed space, almost like having an extra room on your RV. If you don’t have extra shades or canopy extensions, a tarp can also be set up over a campsite as a quick way to provide extra shade.

Using shade can be implemented on the inside of your RV as well. Make use of your window treatments, including curtains, shades, or blinds to block out the sun when it’s at its strongest. Reflectix is an ideal product for keeping the heat out of your RV. It is a roll of double reflective insulation that can be cut to fit around the inside of your windows. The warm sunlight will be reflected back out, while the insulation will preserve cooler temps inside.

By utilizing some of these methods, you can get the most advantage of the available shade and keep your RV cooler in sunny climates. Whether that’s using natural shade, creating your own, or using a mix of the two, you’ll be able to stay more comfortable this summer.

Taking Advantage of the Shade While RV-ing