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Blue Ox KarGuard Protective ShieldAs anyone who's spent time on road trips knows, your vehicle can produce and be subjected to all kinds of debris that gets kicked up while driving. Any loose gravel, rocks & pebbles have the capability of bouncing up and scratching your front end. Likewise if you are towing a trailer or other vehicle, it too can fall vulnerable to whatever's on the road. In bad weather this can become even more of an issue when the roads are wet, once we add water or mud into the mix. Thankfully, there are simple ways to protect your RV or towed vehicle to prevent damage from road debris.
Using a hood mask can protect the hood of your vehicle from scratches caused by loose rocks & pebbles. Made from black vinyl, the hood masks we have available work for Chevy & Dodge Class C hoods. They are easy to install, featuring clips that will hold the hood mask in place. They also feature wind deflectors to provide further protection.
Tow guards and mud flaps will not only help protect a towed vehicle, they can also be a courtesy to other drivers by preventing the debris on the road from getting kicked up behind you. The types of tow guards and mud flaps can include both solid piece and separated models. For example, the Ultra Guard tow guard has a solid one piece design, made from rubber, while the Rock Solid tow guard has rubber strips to allow air to pass through while still blocking debris. The Towtector uses brushstrips, which are perfect for main roads that won't have a lot of debris. The thick brushstrip has a support bar to keep the bristles in place, so they won't move around when you are traveling at faster speeds.
When it comes to towing a vehicle, there are also specific items available to protect it. The Blue Ox KarGuard and Roadmaster rock guard both act as shields in front of the towed vehicle's hood. The KarGuard is flexible for better aerodynamics and can fold up when not in use. The Roadmaster rock guard is made from high impact polyethylene to not only keep rocks from hitting the hood, put also to prevent them from bouncing back onto your RV. The Blue Ox KarGuard II and Roadmaster Tow Defender are made to cover the gap between your RV and your towed vehicle. They are both made from flexible material to allow for turning, and are easily stored when not in use. These guards are made to work with specific tow bar brands, so make sure they are compatible before purchasing.
By Julie T

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