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When towing a vehicle behind your RV, it’s important to keep in mind that any road debris may cause surface damage to your vehicle if left unprotected. This can include loose gravel and pebbles, small rocks, or other material that can bounce off the road from your RV or even from passing vehicles. Larger pieces of debris even have the potential to crack or chip your towed vehicle’s windshield. This problem only increases during inclement weather when the roads are wet or muddy. Fear not, however! There are several types of products available that can prevent this from becoming an issue.

Your RV can act as a first line of defense, provided you have the right equipment. Believe it or not, the mud flaps on your RV can keep some of the road debris away from your toad. Adding a tow guard to the back of your RV can provide greater protection, as they span the width of your RV. The right size of tow guard will reach almost to the ground so it can block as much road debris as possible. They come in several versions, such as a brush strip, separated, and solid version. The brush strip resembles a large brush, while the separated version is a material cut into vertical pieces. Because neither one is totally solid, it is still possible for some debris to get through. They are ideal for main roads that may not have a lot of debris. A thicker brush strip, such as the Towtector, will also keep the bristles in place so they don't move around during travel. The solid type does not allow anything to pass through it, offering the greatest amount of protection. For example, the Smart Solutions Ultra Guard is one solid piece of vulcanized rubber, which can be cut or notched if necessary, in order to accommodate exhaust pipes or hitches.

As for your toad, using a shield can block what a tow guard might miss or what a passing vehicle might kick up. Tow shields sit at the front end of your towed vehicle, connected to the tow bar. The Blue Ox KarGard protective shield, as shown in the image on the right, can fold up for easier storage. It flexes for better aerodynamics and fits most Roadmaster and Blue Ox tow bars. A product like the Tow Defender spans the area between your RV and toad. Its flexible protective screen that provides a barrier of 20 square feet, while still allowing air to pass through. It rolls up to a 4-inch diameter when not in use, while the flexibility means it won't hinder your RV when making a turn.

These are just a few examples of the products available that can protect your RV and toad while on the road. Some may not be compatible with all tow bars and set ups, so it is best to confirm the compatibility before purchasing.

Prevent Damage to Your RV & Toad When Traveling