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Classic Accessories Class A RV CoverWith the colder weather on the horizon, you may already be thinking about getting the RV ready for storage during the winter. The importance of using an RV cover during this time can save you from a lot of aggravation come spring. RV covers protect the exterior surface of your RV from dirt, scratches, and other damage. A good RV cover should also be able to block out moisture and keep it from collecting inside your motorhome. Some are also more beneficial for certain climates. There are several different types of RV covers available for any type of motorhome or trailer, including new options from Adco and Classic Accessories.
Adco covers are now available specifically for Winnebago Class A, Class B, Class C, travel trailers, and 5th wheels. They can be used in all climates and are made with multi-layer polypropylene to help block out moisture. The material is totally breathable, with vents that allow for air to pass through, preventing any mold or mildew from building inside. They have many of the same features as other Adco covers, such as a cinching system for a tight fit to keep the cover from blowing in the wind, zippered side panels for easy access to the RV's interior, and reinforced areas on stress points to prevent tears. Polypropylene is an ideal material for RV covers due to the fact that it is lightweight and repels water.
The covers from Classic Accessories are made for any type of RV, including those previously mentioned as well as toy haulers, R-Pods, and folding campers. They can have single layer PermaPRO fabric, which is 100% woven polyester, or PolyPRO. The PolyPRO covers have multi-layered roof panels with single layer side panels, and are non-woven polypropylene. Polyester material is made to stay strong and durable, while also blocking out water. It also resists tearing and exposure to the elements. Like the Adco covers they also feature zippered sides, air vents and a cinching system. They work well in any climate, as they provide protection from all types of weather and from UV rays.
These are just two examples of the newest RV covers we have available. Other types of RV covers include Adco AquaShed, Adco Tyvek, and Camco Ultra Guard. Adco AquaShed is made for areas that experience a lot of moisture, as the material is designed for these types of climates. The Tyvek covers are made from a durable material that is great for all climates, especially those with a lot of sun. It can block UV rays and reflect them, keeping the interior of the RV cooler. The Camco UltraGuard covers have a layer of microporous breathable film sandwiched between two layers of spun bond polypropylene. The moisture protection makes them perfect for locations in colder areas that see a lot of snow.
When comes to figuring out what size you need, make sure you include the ladder, bumpers, and spare tire when making your measurements. The height of the covers is made to accommodate for rooftop mounted accessories, such as air conditioners. The dimensions for the Classic Accessories R-Pod covers includes the hitch, but does not cover the hitch. For the other covers, dimensions are taken from bumper to bumper.