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Camco 42886 6' X 9' Camouflage Patio MatDo you love RVing or camping? Maybe you like to spend most of your time outdoors. If so, you'll find a number of uses for quality made RV patio mats. It’s a perfect addition to your recreational vehicle and can serve many other purposes. In fact, you'll discover all the great advantages when you buy one of our versatile patio mats.
RV patio mats are very useful for keeping out dirt, sand, and other things from your camper. They can also be very stylish and come in number of lovely colors and designs. These rugs are sure to brighten up any outdoor space.
Flip it Over
Many of our quality made RV patio mats, are reversible. This can serve more than one purpose. For example:
  • A reversible mat receives less wear and tear. Flip it over every now and then, and it will last longer than a single sided mat or rug.
  • Maybe you don't feel like cleaning the mat everyday. All you have to do is flip it over.
  • Perhaps you would like a different looking patio mat. When you flip it, you will see a different pattern or color.
Wash it Down Quickly
Quality RV patio mats are easy to clean. You will only need a garden hose to wash them down. You can also use a broom to sweep your mat.
Durable Construction
Your new rug was made to last. For example, our patio mat number 502 is made from polypropylene material, so it’s totally waterproof. In addition, you can leave it out in the sun if you want, because it’s specially coated to resist fading from UV ray exposure.
Special woven construction means the mat will easily shed water. This makes it highly resistant to mildew and mold. Plus, after you wash it off, it will dry in no time.
For windy days, this mat has special loops in the corners so it can easily be staked down. Because it’s so lightweight, you'll find it easy to roll up and store when you’re on the road.
Many Uses
Besides camping, these beautiful RV patio mats are perfect for at home use. Place them on your deck to guard your guests from splinters or throw one on your outdoor patio for the small children to sit or play on. Take your mat with you when you go to the beach for the day. With so many uses for our mats, you might want to buy several. Check out all our mats at the RVupgrades website today.