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MOR/Ryde SRE 4000 Suspension SystemJust like with most vehicle parts, the suspension system in your RV can eventually wear out. If you have had your RV for a long time and are still using the suspension system that came factory installed, you may want to consider upgrading it. Waiting too long to replace or update your suspension system can place more strain on other components of your RV trailer.
A better suspension system reduces the stress on other parts of the RV including the frame, plumbing, tires, and hitch. The jostling of the road creates inevitable cumulative damage to the RV, so an improved suspension to reduce that stress will increase the lifespan of fittings and other parts. This allows you to travel with less worry that roads in poor repair will force you to make your own repairs. As you travel in your tow vehicle, you'll experience a smoother ride, which may reduce motion sickness or allow a passenger to get some much-needed sleep. It's worth the minor effort to install a better suspension system.
Installing a suspension system can be done professionally, however it is possible to install them yourself, which can save you money. Aftermarket suspension systems such as the MOR/Ryde SRE 4000 & CRE 3000 series are designed to be installed without welding or drilling. Simply remove the old suspension system and bolt the new one onto your tandem or triple axle. The SRE 4000 and CRE 3000 series are both made for 5th Wheel & travel trailers. The CRE 3000 series allows for 3" of suspension travel, while the SRE 4000 series allows for 4". They use rubber equalizers to absorb the shock, with the SRE 4000 series also featuring an X-factor cross member to provide additional support. All the MOR/Ryde suspension systems come with the hardware needed for installation and are available for both a 33" and 35" wheel base.
The 5th Wheel or travel trailer does need to meet certain requirements to ensure that the MOR/Ryde system is compatible. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need help choosing the right suspension system for your RV trailer.
By Julie T

MOR/Ryde RV Suspension Systems

MOR/Ryde SRE 4000 Suspension System 33" Wheel Base Tandem Axle
MOR/Ryde SRE 4000 Suspension System 35" Wheel Base Tandem Axle
MOR/Ryde CRE 3000 Suspension System - 35" Wheel Base - Triple Axle
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