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Whether your Class A motorhome came with an RV hydraulic leveling system, or if you need to upgrade or replace it, a leveling system offers several benefits. Compared to other methods, they can provide a more convenient option as opposed to using wood planks or blocks. Most can be operated from a control panel on your dash inside your RV. You can never be sure of how level the area will be at the campground or campsite. Keeping your coach level not only provides comfort while sleeping, but also keeps appliances such as your RV fridge running properly.

A stable material like concrete is the most ideal surface when using this type of leveling system. Softer surfaces may not be strong enough to provide support for the leveling jacks. How you operate the hydraulic leveling system is also important, mostly to avoid causing damage to the jacks or your RV frame. The main thing to keep in mind is to operate them in pairs, lifting two from the same side, as opposed to one at a time. This is important to remember if you have a manual system. If you have an automatic system, this should already occur on its own. These hydraulic leveling systems are often strong enough to lift the motorhome off the ground, so make sure all wheels are still touching the surface. When it's time to leave the campsite, make sure the jacks have all retracted properly before driving away. Some feature alarms to let you know if a jack is still down.

There are some common errors that can cause your RV hydraulic leveling system to work improperly. First of all, the hydraulic reservoir needs to have enough fluid. In some cases, each cylinder may have its own reservoir. If power is not getting to the system, it may be because of a low battery, or a bad connection somewhere along the line. Other reasons for the leveling system not powering up may be due to something as simple as not having the parking brake or ignition on. If you have an automatic system, it may need to be re-calibrated if you notice it's having trouble leveling. Too much moving around inside the motorhome can also prevent the leveling process from working as it should.

Hydraulic systems are available from Bigfoot and Equalizer, with either manual or automatic operation. Some Bigfoot systems have wireless manual operation using a remote. Different leveling systems can be used for not only Class As, but also Class B & Cs, and 5th Wheel RVs. Bigfoot systems feature LED indicators that show the lowest and 2nd lowest points, as well as showing when all points are level. Automatic systems also have a manual override button to use if needed. RV SnapPads are available for different types of leveling systems, including Bigfoot, Equalizer, HWH, and Lippert. These rubber pads create a larger surface area for the jack foot, along with a no-slip surface. They also add thickness to the jack footpad and protect cement and concrete from potential rust marks.

Using a Hydraulic RV Leveling System