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Keeping your RV level once it’s parked is important not only for your own comfort, but also for keeping certain appliances working properly and to avoid stress on your RV’s frame. Your gas absorption RV fridge needs to stay level due to the liquid ammonia used by the evaporator coils that keeps the temperature down. If your RV’s frame is not level, extra stress can be put on the sides, corners, or slide-outs that can eventually cause damage to the structure. You can't always guarantee you'll be parking on flat pavement, as campground conditions vary everywhere, so make sure you have the right equipment to keep your RV level.

It's important to keep in mind that RV stabilizing jacks and leveling jacks are not the same and do serve different purposes. RV leveling jacks can lift up sections of the RV in order to keep the entire rig on an even plane, while stabilizing jacks keep the RV in position once leveled so it doesn’t jostle around. Do not get them mixed up, as stabilizing jacks are not made to lift the RV and are not designed for leveling. Leveling jacks can be manual, electric, or hydraulic. Each type has different maintenance and quality checks that should be done a few times a year. For example, manual jack should be checked for loose fittings. Electric jacks should be checked for loose wires. Hydraulic jacks need to have their fluid levels checked.

Leveling jacks of different types are available through RVupgrades. For example, the Eaz-Lift 48810 manual leveling scissor jack has a weight capacity of 5000 pounds and is intended for pop-up campers and trailers. It extends to 24” and has a bolt-on installation. The Bigfoot AC-MB2019 central pump automatic leveling system has 4 cylinders that has an 8000-pound lift capacity per cylinder. It has a bolt-on installation, but there is no need to drill into the frame.

A number of leveling accessories are also available, including leveling blocks, pads, and bubble levels. Leveling blocks can sit under the tires for minor leveling when using jacks is not necessary. Leveling pads can be placed under a jack to help the foot remain steady on uneven ground.

Keeping Your RV Level