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RV Upgrades has the perfect sized Microwave and Convection Ovens designed for your RV. Including brands like Franklin Chef, Advent and Sharp.
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Contoure RV980B 1.0 Cu. Ft. Built-In RV Microwave Contoure RV980B 1.0 Cu. Ft. Built-In RV Microwave In Stock
Normally: $139.48
16 in stock!
Contoure RV185B-CON 1.2 Cu. Ft. RV Convection Microwave Contoure RV185B-CON 1.2 Cu. Ft. RV Convection Microwave In Stock
Normally: $370.02
24 in stock!
Contoure RV-780B 0.7 Cu. Ft. RV Microwave Contoure RV-780B 0.7 Cu. Ft. RV Microwave In Stock
Normally: $120.88
20 in stock!
Contoure Trim Kit for Model RV-787S Contoure RV-TRIM-7S Trim Kit for Model RV-787S In Stock
Normally: $65.09
23 in stock!

Why a Convection Microwave Is an Essential Motorhome Accessory

The microwave oven is a standard motorhome accessory. It makes meal prep as simple as shutting a door and pressing a few buttons. This cornerstone of RV cooking has become even more convenient with the introduction of the convection microwave. Check out these practical reasons for why you need to add this kitchen accessory to you motorhome.

Replace the Range and Oven

The most common complaint about microwaves is that they make your food soggy. The convection feature has efficiently solved this problem. Now you have the ability to brown, bake, broil and crisp all your meals with just one appliance. The versatility of the convection microwave makes other motorhome cooking accessories obsolete.

Prepare Meals Without Heating the Whole Motorhome

Anyone who has tried to bake a pizza in an RV knows that compact motorhome interiors can have their atmospheres drastically affected by a relatively small oven. A convection microwave can give you the same result as a traditional oven without radiating heat into your living space. This means that you no longer have to turn your RV into a sauna to bake with a convection microwave.

Microwaves Are the Safest Motorhome Cooking Accessories

A convection microwave not only makes cooking much easier, it also makes your motorhome safer. In the cramped conditions of an RV, a 400 degree oven can be a major safety risk. You, or an unattended child, can easily be burned just by bumping into it. Even worse, an oven can quickly start a fire if a rag or paper towel is left too close. These hazards are nonexistent with a microwave.

A convection microwave is an efficient and safe alternative to traditional cooking accessories for your motorhome. Upgrade your RV’s kitchen with a microwave from our RV Upgrades store.

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