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Is there really anything more enjoyable than sitting around the campfire and grilling up some delicious food for your friends and family? We really don’t think so. Here at RV Upgrades, we are proud to supply you with a wide “range” of RV campfire grills and baskets along with other key grilling accessories. These items will take your grilling experience to the next level, making them far more efficient and fulfilling no matter the location.

Campfire grills are ideal for those who occasionally (or often!) wind up in areas with rough terrains, like those found on beaches, mountains, or other such settings. We also have other items that allow you to seamlessly cook and grill while in less-than-ideal cooking locations, such as grill-lantern holders, corn poppers, and the versatile stake & grill campfire racks!

Be sure to browse all of our options on this page to find the grilling items that let you cook your favorite foods over a campfire, regardless of where you wind up when you’re RVing! If you have any questions about proper cooking and grilling techniques over a campfire, scroll down to the bottom of this page for more helpful information and tips!

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Campfire Grills & Baskets Make Outdoor Cooking Easier

Camping is all about cooking food over a fire and with these campfire grills, that just got a whole lot easier!

The hardest part of cooking over a fire is getting the cooking surface at just the right height and with these ingenious systems, this can be managed quickly and easily. A variety of different outdoor grills and grilling accessories are available to make cooking outdoors a more pleasant experience.

The line of Perfect grills from Campfire Grill has different features able to meet your needs. All of the Perfect Campfire Grills feature raised edges so food won't slide off onto the ground or into the fire. The Original Grill offers a very large grilling surface and can rotate 360º, making food preparation over an open flame much safer.

The Pioneer has a circular design with an 18" diameter that can accommodate a group of people. The Rebel has the option of cooking over an open flame or over charcoal with the optional use of the charcoal pan attachment. The Explorer also has a large grilling surface with foldable legs, making it easy to transport.

The Camco Tripod Grill sets up easily over an open campfire and features a hanging grill plate with an adjustable height, perfect for controlling cooking temperatures. Grills such as the Pioneer or the Tring Deluxe Driving Stake Grill are perfect for fire pits or fire rings due to their circular design. The cast iron Bread Maker from Rome Industries allows you not only to bake bread but also other items, such as burritos and wraps.

Tips for Cooking on a Campfire

Choose a location that is away from trees, especially in windy conditions

Build the fire using dry, seasoned wood

Keep the fire at least 8 feet away from surrounding shrubbery

When building a fire pit, use rocks, bricks, or damp logs around the perimeter to form a barrier

Thin wood pieces or small branches are preferable for kindling

Use paper along with wood kindling to make it easier to start the fire

Keep a bucket of water nearby for safety purposes

Add firewood once the kindling is lighted

Use thicker, larger branches or logs as firewood

Temperature can be controlled by controlling the size of the fire. A fire that is too large risks burning the food

Food that is cooked over an open campfire needs to be monitored more closely

Moving food closer to or farther away from the flames can also affect the cooking temperature

Campfire Cooking Methods

Food can be placed directly on the grilling surface

Pots, pans, or other safe-to-use cookware can be set on top of the grates

Certain foods, such as vegetables, can be wrapped in aluminum foil and set on the grill

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