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Different Portable Barbeque Grills are available to meet your needs

Having the right grill for your RV'ing adventures is key to enjoying those get-a-way weekends. When choosing a grill for RV'ing, it is important to consider the specific needs you will have when traveling, including the duration of the trip, the amount of food being consumed and the number of people you will be cooking for. It is also good to keep in mind the desired heat source, be it charcoal, gas, electricity or an open fire. The Safari Chef Portable Grill features components that can be used in five different configurations, including a grill surface, a grill plate, a skillet, a burner and a wok. The Olympian Stainless Steel Grill is a propane grill with a large surface that can stand alone or mount to the side of your RV. The Olympian Tabletop Gas Grill is made with camping and RV'ing in mind and can sit on a picnic table. Both the Sidekick Grill and Kebab'n Grill serve two uses. The Sidekick Grill can be mounted on the side of the RV or used as a portable grill. The Kebab'n Grill holds up to 6 kebab skewers and doubles as a conventional grill.
When lighting any type of grill, keep in mind the surrounding area and weather conditions, to avoid any accidents. The number of coals to use in a charcoal grill will depend on the size of the grill and the amount of food being cooked. Ideally, they should be arranged in a pyramid to allow for greater ventilation. When lighting a gas grill with a lid, the lid needs to be open before turning the gas on. Different accessories can make traveling with a grill easier, including storage bags, fire starters, and mounting rails.
Tips and Techniques
  • Prevent food from sticking by using vegetable oil on the grates before heating.
  • Ideally the grill should be pre-heated 15-30 minutes before placing food on it.
  • It is easiest to clean grills right after using when the grates are still hot.
  • The grilling surface should not become overcrowded with food.
  • Pay close attention to the food when grilling
  • The grill should never be left unattended

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