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When your out on the road away from it all, food is a major priority. If your refrigerator cant stay cool on those hot summer days all your food spoils, leaving you with nothing. If your RV Refrigerator cant keep up with the heat take a look at our selection of refrigerators and freezers. We carry a wide variety of fridges that will get the job done. The Norcold N510 Compact Gas/Electric Refrigerator has many great features like an auto changeover between gas and electric, automatic cycle to limit frost build-up on the cooling fins, convenient eye-level controls, adjustable thermostat, and automatic re-ignite on gas if the flame goes out. Make sure your fridge is level when your RV is parked if your RV is off-level, one direction of the fridges coil will be flowing up-hill and the water flow will stop. When this happens there is no flow to the boiler section and the water in the boiler pipe boils dry allowing the rust inhibitor to dry up and block the boiler tube. If the unit is kept running the boiler pipe will get so hot that it will crack from the gas pressure inside the coils. When parked be sure to level out your RV to avoid any damage to your refrigerator. If you need more information Please Contact Us and we would be glad to assist you.

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Norcold Service Vent Door Norcold 616010PW Metal Service Vent Door In Stock
: $25.03
13 in stock!
Norcold DE0041R Built-In Ac/Dc Refrigerator Norcold DE0041R Built-In Ac/Dc Refrigerator In Stock
: $1,175.03
5 in stock!
Dinosaur Refrigerator Board Dinosaur P-711 Dometic Refrigerator Board In Stock
: $128.62
23 in stock!
Dinosaur 6212XX Norcold Power Supply Board Dinosaur 6212XX Norcold Power Supply Board In Stock
: $228.12
19 in stock!
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