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Keeping drinks and food at their ideal temperature is essential when traveling or dining outdoors. No matter what your beverage or snack of choice is, keeping them all at just the right temperature is made easy with any one of our soft-sided coolers.

Our camping coolers & totes make the organization of food and picnic supplies much simpler. Items such as the Kelty Folding Cooler, the Picnic Time 6 Bottle Wine Tote, or the Buccaneer Tailgate Cooler are among the products available to make your picnic or camping trip a more enjoyable experience.

Be sure to browse all of our camping coolers & totes to find the perfect sidekick for you and your next road trip! Scroll down to the bottom of this page if you need any extra information or assistance with your selection process!

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Coolers & Totes Were Made to Preserve Your Food and Drinks

These camping coolers & totes will help keep supplies organized and drinks/food at their proper temperature when picnicking or camping.

The Kelty Folding Coolers are available in three sizes and are collapsible for easy storage when not in use. Picnic Time offers many different varieties of coolers and totes to suit your needs. The Buccaneer Tailgate Cooler stores drinks while doubling as a grill. The Cellar Wine Tote can accommodate up to six bottles of wine and comes in a trolley version for easy transport.

The Picnic Time Verdugo can keep food and drinks cold while also making separate spaces for picnic supplies of up to four people. Other totes from Picnic Time store different amounts of food or drink, with several divided up into zippered compartments to carry supplies.

It is important to consider the parameters of your picnic or camping trip when choosing a cooler or picnic tote, such as the number of people participating or the duration of the meal.

Note that coolers and other insulated totes are not meant to be used as a refrigerator or freezer. A well-packed cooler can keep food or beverages cold for several hours; however, they are not meant to preserve food temperature for an extremely long time nor do they re-chill food that has been kept out for an extended period. Keeping the cooler closed will extend the temperature duration.

When Packing a Cooler, Keep These Points in Mind:

It is advisable not to put loose ice cubes in soft coolers. Ice packs are preferable

When possible, try to pack beverages and food in separate coolers, since the beverage cooler will likely be opened more often

Pre-chilling beverages and packing them first and the ice/ice packs last keeps them cooler for longer

When packing food, place the ice/ice packs in first (frozen water bottles also work)

Foods should be in sealed, airtight containers to prevent leaking

Full coolers maintain their chill longer than a half-empty cooler

Hot packs can be used to keep foods warm, as can wrapping hot food in aluminum foil (this can preserve the heat)

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