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Relaqua RV Bathroom Faucet RV Lavatory Faucet Relaqua AK-8201SH-1C High Spout Kitchen Faucet, Chrome Finish Relaqua AK-8201SH-1W High Spout Kitchen Faucet, White
Relaqua AL-402-01RC Laundry Faucet Relaqua Bar Faucet Relaqua AL-4031W 4" Tub & Shower Diverter - White Relaqua AL-4201W White Tub & Shower Diverter
Relaqua AL-402-01RC Laundry Faucet
In Stock
: $20.30
66 in stock!
Relaqua AL-402-02RC Bar Faucet
In Stock
: $20.38
16 in stock!
Relaqua AL-4201W White Tub & Shower Diverter
In Stock
: $31.55
52 in stock!
Phoenix 9-35-13 Vacuum Breaker,D Spud Hardware Express 114040 Single Basin Faucet Utopia 20380R219 Kitchen Faucet LaSalle Bristol 20315R219 Kitchen Faucet, 4127
Phoenix 9-35-13 Vacuum Breaker,D Spud
In Stock
: $4.03
68 in stock!
Hardware Express 114040 Single Basin Faucet
In Stock
: $15.39
30 in stock!
Utopia 20380R219 Kitchen Faucet
In Stock
: $22.60
68 in stock!
LaSalle Bristol 20377R207 Lavatory Faucet, Chrome W/ Clear LaSalle Bristol 20329R111 Tub & Shower Diverter LaSalle Bristol 20373207 Lav-A-Shower Faucet, Chrome W/ Clear Utopia 20354R207 Personal Shower Valve, Chrome W/ Clear Knobs
LaSalle Bristol 39004 Stem & Bonnet Assembly, Faucet Utopia 39010 Smoke Handles Utopia 91300131 Diverter Pull Knob, Faucet LaSalle Bristol 39016 LaSalle Faucet Handles, Large Acrylic
Utopia 39010 Smoke Handles
In Stock
: $7.79
45 in stock!
Utopia 91300131 Diverter Pull Knob, Faucet
In Stock
: $0.98
65 in stock!
LaSalle Bristol 20377RP21 Lavatory Faucet, Parchment W/ Smoke Utopia Lavatory Faucet, Clear Utopia Tub & Shower Diverter, White W/ Smoke Utopia Personal Shower Valve White
Utopia 20377RW21 Lavatory Faucet, Clear
In Stock
: $14.35
63 in stock!
Utopia 20354RW21 Personal Shower Valve White
In Stock
: $14.72
77 in stock!
LaSalle Bristol Lav-A-Shower Faucet, White W/ Smoke Phoenix Vacuum Breaker Phoenix 9-R35-9CLHC Replacement Catalina Faucet Handles, Clear Phoenix 9-R35-9HC Replacement Catalina Faucet Handles, White
Phoenix 9-412-13 Vacuum Breaker
In Stock
: $3.50
79 in stock!

Sinks & Faucets

One of the first things to go wrong with most RV's is the sink faucets. The reason is that most of them are made of a weak plastic and they just don't last. Here at RVupgrades we carry all types of sinks and faucets made by many different manufacturer's that are durable and designed to last as long as your RV. The task of upgrading your kitchen faucet is a simple swap out procedure. If you’re replacing the faucet yourself, the hardest part of the whole project will be that the faucet fittings are located behind the sink and may be hard to get at. Installation is a simple matter of doing the same steps for disassembly, only in the reverse order. Always put a layer of plumbers putty between the faucet fixture and the counter, this will make sure water doesn’t migrate under the countertop and cause water damage. Phoenix Faucets provides you with quality and durability that will last, along with all the repair parts you could need for a quick and easy fix. Upgrading your sinks and faucets can save you time a money when problems occur. Just make sure that your old faucet and the new faucet match up for anything under the counter. If your not sure which sink or faucet is going to work with your RV please Contact Us and our knowable staff will help you get back up and running.

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