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RV Flag Poles

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Flagpole Buddy 2" Mounts Only Flagpole Buddy 106201M 2" Mounts Only In Stock
: $66.99
1 in stock!
Camco 45491 U.S. Flag Camco 45491 U.S. Flag In Stock
: $2.49
81 in stock!
Flagpole To Go FP-GM Ground Mount Flagpole To Go FP-GM Ground Mount In Stock
: $14.40
6 in stock!
Camco 45501 RV Flag Holder Camco 45501 RV Flag Holder In Stock
: $2.49
60 in stock!
Camco 45504 Triple Flag Holder Camco 45504 Triple Flag Holder In Stock
: $3.94
59 in stock!
Camco 45502 Stick-On-Flag Holder Camco 45502 Stick-On-Flag Holder In Stock
: $4.78
77 in stock!

These Flags & Flag Poles offer different ways to show your pride

Flying a flag at your favorite campground is a great way to show your patriotism and we a carry a great selection of flagpoles, flags & flag accessories to do that in style. There is number of flag poles and flag pole mounts available, so their is sure to be one to fit your needs. There are clip on flag holders, flag poles that can be mounted to the RV or the hitch, as well as flag poles that can be mounted on the ground. We also carry American flags and checkered racing flags so you can display them however you see fit. There are a number of varied ways to mount the flag of your choice to your RV or driving vehicle. The Flag Pole Buddy comes in various sizes and can mount to the ladder of your RV. The Flag Pole Buddy pole kits come with an extendable flag pole so you can adjust it to your desired height. The Flagpole To Go series features mounts and flagpoles that can be mounted under the tires. Other mounts from Flagpole To Go include hitch mounts and mounts that allow the flag pole to be mounted to the ground. Various American flags are available to display how you wish, along with a selection of flag pole accessories, including mounting kits, flagpole toppers and various flag holders.
US Flag Display Etiquette:
  • An accurate American flag has 50 stars with 7 red stripes and 6 white stripes
  • If the American flag is at half staff, it first must be raised to the full height then immediately lowered to half staff. It must also be raised to the full height immediately before taking it down
  • When flying two flags on the same pole, the American flag must always be at the top
  • If the flag is displayed at night it needs to be illuminated, otherwise it can only be displayed from sunrise to sunset
Common Flag Display Holidays:
  • Memorial Day - last Monday in May (flag flown at half staff until noon)
  • Flag Day - June 14th
  • Independence Day - July 4th
  • Labor Day - first Monday in September
  • Patriot Day - September 11th (flag flown half staff all day)
  • Pearl Harbor Day - December 7th (flag flown half staff all day)

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