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RV Central Vacuum Systems

If you have carpet or even laminate flooring installed in your RV, then you probably already know how difficult it can be to keep clean. Over time, dust, dirt and debris can build up and leave the entire RV looking unattractive. If you have respiratory problems or even seasonal allergies, this dust accumulation can lead to coughing and discomfort when you are on the road in your RV. The simplest and most effective solution is to invest in one of the many RV central vacuum systems offered here at A central vacuum for RV use is smaller than you might expect, and it allows you to take your cleaning routine on the road no matter where you happen to be traveling.

Along with an RV vacuum, you will want to pick up all the accessories that make it easier than ever to clean your living space. RV central vacuum systems may work best if you install them along with a PVC pipe at a sharp angle or with a three-way manifold to allow for better access with the hose. Of course, you might also be interested in a flexible connector kit, an inlet door to cover the hose inlet when it is not in use or flexible hose parts for better cleaning. For the cleanest possible air, users of RV central vacuum systems also may consider disposable vacuum bags with included HEPA filters that remove even the smallest particles in the air.

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Dirt Devil 4935 White Inlet Door Dirt Devil 4941 Brown Inlet Door Dirt Devil 4949 Light Almond Inlet Door
Dirt Devil 4941 Brown Inlet Door
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: $12.06

Dirt Devil 5501-W Central Vacuum 90 Degree Sweep Tee 2" PVC Fitting Dirt Devil 5506-W 90 Degree Short Elbow Dirt Devil 5586-W Utility Valve With Pin Jacks
Dirt Devil 9' Remote Installation Hose Dirt Devil 6972BG Rugrat Cleaning Tool Dirt Devil 7477-G Flex Connector Kit
Dirt Devil 7829-BK Deluxe Maxumizer Kit Dirt Devil 8727 3 Way Manifold Dirt Devil 9092-35 Maxumizer 7' Expandable Hose
Dirt Devil 7710B Black Vac Pan Dirt Devil 7710W White Vac Pan Dirt Devil RV Central Vacuum System
Dirt Devil 7710B Black Vac Pan
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Dirt Devil 9597 Disposable HEPA Vacuum Bags Dirt Devil Vacuum System Only - CV1500