Essential Motorhome Supplies For a New RV Owner
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As a beginning road trip enthusiast, one of the most exciting times in your life is driving your first RV into the hills for a camping weekend. The rig is complete with all the latest amenities, so you are set. Right? Well, yes and no.

When it comes to motorhome supplies, many new RV enthusiasts overlook the need for supplies that a savvy owner has already discovered and has on hand. For beginners, we have three motorhome supplies that fulfill those needs and when you read them, we think you'll understand why they are important.

The compact Coghlan 9690 Camper's Tool slips into your pocket and is a must-have item on the road. This tool includes regular and needlenose pliers with functional gripping teeth, a wire cutter, beverage openers, a screwdriver with three different blades, a Phillips head screwdriver, two knife blades, a punch/awl for making repairs and a file.

As your road trip experience expands, so will the contents of your on-board toolbox. Hitch lube, spray lubricant, a sewer cleanout plus wrench, a hammer, socket wrench set, measuring tape, duct tape, adhesives, a level and much more will find a way into the box as you identify specific needs.

Another item to install before your first trip are RV entry step covers. These covers are made of weather-resistant, outdoor turf material lined with a moisture shield. Step covers not only keep the grime and dirt from the road and surrounding ground from tracking into your RV, they help prevent falls, scrapes and bruising from slipping, especially when the weather is wet. You can further prevent protect your guests, family or pets by adding anti-slip, glow-in-the-dark strips to the steps.

As you head on down the road on your first adventure, your RV is clean and sparkling. No need to worry about keeping that up, right? Well, maybe. A beautiful finish requires regular removal of road dirt, bugs, tree sap and debris, but even professional basketball players face a challenge when washing an RV. However, the Logistics H-51 platform step is ideal for the job when paired with the Carrand convertible hand-to-48 inch extendable microfiber chenille mop and a bucket of Green Hornet Cleaner and Degreaser.

Motorhome supplies, from repairs to cleaning, keep you safe, comfortable and on the go

By Bill Rowell

Motorhome Supplies For a New RV Owner