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QNATBOHO693 Morgan Minky Queen Bedding
Beddy's QNATBOHO693 Morgan Minky Queen Bedding
Beddy's Morgan Minky Queen Bedding

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With just one tug of the zippers on Beddys QNATBOHO693 Morgan Minky Queen Bedding, your bed will be perfectly made every time! One-piece sleeping bag style design that goes on like a fitted sheet. Besides the comforter and sheet, the set includes a fitted pillowcase, sham, and comfort panels sewn into the sheet. Say hello to the bed that virtually makes itself.
  • For use with RV mattresses: bed clips are recommended, but not provided.
  • Heavy-duty elastic bottom ensures a tight fit even for those with restless nights.
  • Smooth, easy-pull zipper tabs along both sides meet in the middle at the bottom of the bed.
  • The top completely detaches; kick your legs out or stay nice and snug all zipped up!
  • Minky material guide:
    • Minky Beddy's means the underside of the top comforter has a cozy sewn-in minky blanket. As always, the base or "bottom sheet" is made from soft and breathable 100% cotton. Minky is the most popular option and is well suited for most climates.
    • Minky is a special type of plush fabric that is 100% polyester and is often used to make baby blankets, baby clothing and baby accessories (it’s that soft!).
  • Queen Dimensions:
    • Length & width: 60" x 80"
    • Depth: Up to 15" deep.
  • Includes (1) zippered 100% cotton lined comforter, (1) built-in zipper fitted sheet, (2) pillowcases, and (2) shams. (U.S. Standard Size).
  • Color/Design: Morgan, Tan exterior fabric is 100% cotton, interior tan minky is 100% polyester and interior white & tan base sheet is 100% cotton.
  • Choosing the right size Beddy’s bedding for your RV mattress:
    • The first thing you need to do is take three measurements – width of the mattress, length of the mattress, and depth of the mattress (how tall it is).
    • If your mattress is at least 6 inches deep, then make sure you purchase the Beddy’s set that most closely matches the width of your mattress.
    • If the width does not match exactly, consider that a mattress that is wider than the Beddy’s will cause the zippers to sit on the top of the mattress, while a mattress that is slightly narrower than the Beddy’s will cause the zippers to ride lower on the sides.
    • The elastic bottom on Beddy's will pull the bedding is nice and tight regardless.
    • Some people choose to add mattress suspenders to their Beddy's if they have exceptionally thin mattresses to help pull them tight.

Beddy's Morgan Minky Queen Zippered Bedding

Additional Product Information
WASHING INSTRUCTIONS, Please carefully read the following care instructions before using your new Beddy's:

Wash in cold water on normal cycle and tumble dry on low.
Do not wash any other items with your Beddy’s.
Separate the top from the bottom and wash and dry separately. This will help the Beddy’s wash easier and dry faster.
Add 1 cup of white vinegar to the first washing to help set the color.
Remove your Beddy’s out of the washing machine promptly to avoid color transfer.
To prolong the life of your Beddy's, we don’t recommend washing it more than once a week.
If bedding has been left in the washer for an extended period of time and you have experienced bleeding or color transfer, we recommend using a scoop of OxiClean (or any non-chlorinated bleach alternative) in a new wash cycle. Depending on the severity of the color transfer, this may need to be repeated 2-3 times.
DO NOT pull the law label and washing instructions off your Beddy’s. If you would like to remove the tags, carefully cut them off using scissors. Ripping the tags off will break the seam and we do not warranty against the hole it will create.
For decorative pillows and pillow sets: spot clean only.