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Dicor BT-1834-1 Butyl Tape - 30' Roll
Dicor Butyl Tape
Dicor BT-1834-1 Butyl Tape - 30' Roll

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MFG P/N: BT-1834-1
MFG: Dicor
UPC #: 677917001309
Weight (lbs): 3

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Product Code: 38-1467

Dicor Butyl Tape is ideal for sealing uniquely shaped joints. Installs quickly, with no gaps.
  • Apply along unusual patterns.
  • Sealant is on a continuous roll
  • Can work fast and be visually assured that there are no skips or runs in the sealant.
  • Surfaces must be clean and free of moisture and contamination.
  • Clean, remove dust, dirt, moisture oil and grease. Cut to desired length then peel off the release liner. Do not stretch this product. Apply to seam, joint, opening, skylight frame, etc. Install or assemble as required. Use Mineral Spirits to clean up this product.
  • Do not apply this product in weather-exposed areas, where temperatures will exceed 190°F.
  • Do not stretch this product during application.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Do not use where acidic or alkaline chemicals are present.
  • Appearance: Grey, extruded butyl sealant tape.
  • Temperatures: Application: 30°F – 110° F.
  • Operating limits: -20°F – 275° F.
  • Low Temperature Flexibility: No cracking, no adhesion loss at -20°F.
  • Tensil Strength: 25psi (ASTM D987-72) with 200 ‰ elongation (HTM 15.0).
  • Needle Penetration: 80 – 105 (ASTM D 217) (100GM WT @ 77° F).
  • Release Liner: Clearly released with no transfer of product compound (ASTM C879).
  • Water Resistance: Sealant maintains adhesion to galvanized metal after being submerged for 30 days at 120° F (HTM 9.0).
  • Chemical Resistance: Excellent to water, vapor and alcohol.
  • Weaken to acids and bases. Avoid use with organic solvents.
  • Corrosivity: No staining, etching or other signs of corrosion on galvanized or coated metals (ASTM D3310).
  • Flammability: Nonflammable.
  • Shelf Life:18 months – 2 years.
  • Storage Temperature: 30° F – 110·° F.
  • Pressure Class: SMACNA 1/2, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 10 in w.g.
  • Specifications: Military MIL-C-18969B, Type II, Class B. Federal TT-C789A, Type II, Class B.
  • Tape measures 1/8" thick by 3/4" wide and 30 ft in length.

Butyl Tape

Additional Product Information

For RV Window leaks between the frame and the side wall

1. Remove the screws from the window frame on the inside. Be sure have a helper hold the window on the outside of the RV.

2. Remove all the old butyle sealant from both the RV sidewall and the aluminum window frame.

3. Clean and clean it again. Physically remove as much of the old sealant as possible. Use a solvent like acetone or VC thinner to remove any left over sealant.

4. Check the frame for straightness... a bent frame will more likely leak again.

5. Lay the butyl rubber seal onto the back side of the frame. B. LAY the rubber in -- DON'T stretch it in place. You want as much body to it as possible, pulling and stretching it onto the frame will end up with a thinner seal with less butyl "meat" to seal the joint.

6. Make the butt joint for the butyl rubber seal at the BOTTOM of the window. Just butt the two ends tightly--don't overlap the rubber. Make the seal just a LITTLE too long so when you butt them, there's a little pressure holding the two ends together.

7. Put the window back in place and evenly tighten the screws to seat the rubber. Don't distort the frame, just an even pressure all around.

8. Let the butyl rubber set overnight and wait to pull off the excess that oozes out around the frame outside. It's best done when it's cool weather outside.