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Connector R7-01 7 Pin Plug & Socket - Bumper Version- Hardwired- 2'Truck, 4' Trailer
EZ Connector Bumper Version
EZ Connector Bumper Version

Price: $74.05
MFG P/N: EZR7-01
MFG: EZ-Connector

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Description Instructions
The EZ Connector Model EZR7-01 is designed for use with boat, horse, and utility trailers, included is 2' of cable on the vehicle side and 4' of cable on the trailer side. Cables are designed to be hard wired to both the vehicle and the trailer.
  • Magnetically held together, double o-ring sealed and uses spring-loaded, face- to- face contacts.
  • Corrosion and water-proof.
  • Plug holder mounts onto the trailer and holds the trailer plug when not in use.
  • 7 Pin Hard Wired Plug & Socket.
  • Complete Kit includes: Mounting bracket, dummy plug, holder, all necessary electrical connectors and shrink tubing.
  • Limited lifetime manufacturer warranty.

EZ Connector 7 Pin Plug & Socket - Bumper Version- Hardwired- 2'Truck, 4' Trailer

Additional Product Information
Socket and Plug Design

Female socket with 7- spring loaded floating pins and male plug with fixed contacts mate face-to-face with constant pressure for electricity to easily pass from socket to plug thus eliminating the voltage drop and open circuit issues. Stainless steel springs (not flexed brass) maintain the constant pressure between contacts for failure-proof connection.

Holding Mechanism

Magnetic holder to eliminate damage to both plug and socket, which allows disconnection by pulling on the cable with no damage to the connector. Integrated magnet allows for immediate contact, maintains pressure of the fixed to spring-loaded contacts, and provides additional support for keeping the plug and socket affixed in a variety of situations including , vibrations, abrupt movements and bumpy road conditions.

Plug/Socket Sealant

O-ring-sealed plug/socket combination for a clean, trouble-free and totally reliable connection every time. Pre-attached cable is also sealed to keep water out.

Pin Configurations

Universal 7-Pin is backward compatible with 4-, 5- and 6-pin uses.

Plug/Socket Connection

External indexing feature allows for easy rotation of the plug inside the socket enabling the plug to slide in and make contact once it assumes proper position.

The plug- and socket-to wire connections are factory crimped and the cable jacket is O-ring sealed ensuring a perfect watertight and strain-resistant connection. In addition, time and money is saved in wire and wiring costs during installation.

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