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28218B Hide A Spare 68" - 75" I-Beam Frame Underslung Mount
BAL 28218B Hide A Spare 68" - 75" I-Beam Frame Underslung Mount
BAL 28218B Hide A Spare 68" - 75" I-Beam Frame Underslung Mount

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Price: $99.95
MFG P/N: 28218B
MFG: BAL R.V. Products
UPC #: 702028282184

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Description Instructions
Note: The Hide A Spare has been replaced by the Retract A Spare which is a much-improved product available for all Travel Trailers, 5th Wheels and small Class C Campers. See it here --> https://www.rvupgradestore.com/BAL-28240-Retract-A-Spare-Under-Chassis-Carrier-p/72-5585.htm

The BAL Hide A Spare Model 28218B for trailers with a 68” to 75” I-Beam frame features an underslung mount design for trailers with an enclosed underbelly. A rear bumper mounted spare tire carrier make it difficult to install bike racks and cargo trays. They also add unwanted weight and length to the back of your travel trailer or fifth wheel. The Hide-A-Spare RV Tire Storage System allows you to mount the tire beneath your trailer leaving it out of site and out of the way. Note: Photos are a general representation of product and the mounting brackets will differ depending on the model.
  • Easy installation with the use of self tapping screws or bolts (not included)
  • Mounting plates are designed for I beam style frame.
  • A knob and pin are removed to lower the 'Hide-a-Spare' to the ground.
  • Hide a Spare telescopes out for easier access to the spare tire.
  • Designed for 68" to 75" wide I-Beam trailer frame.
  • Supports up to 100 lbs.
  • Weights 20 lbs
  • Limited one-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Not designed for use on motorhomes.
  • See product definition guide below to help choose the correct Hide A Spare for your trailer

BAL Hide A Spare I-Beam Frame Underslung Mount

Additional Product Information
MODEL 28215B (Use 28217B for this unit has been discontinued): 68” to 75” frame, Recessed mount for trailers without enclosed underbelly
MODEL 28216B (Use 28218B for this unit has been discontinued): 68” to 75” frame, Underslung mount for trailers with enclosed underbelly
MODEL 28217B: 68” to 75” frame, I-Beam Recessed mount for trailers without underbelly enclosure
MODEL 28218B: 68” to 75” frame, I-Beam Underslung mount for trailers with enclosed underbelly
Measurements are from side to side of each exterior edge of the vertical frame.

Enclosed Underbelly - when a trailer has a sheet of plastic, fiberglass, aluminum or other material that is installed horizontally beneath the trailer frame. This sheet is attached from front to back and from Driver’s to Passenger’s side frame rail. It protects the bottom of the trailer from road debris and the elements. The Hide A Spare that is ‘underslung’ will work on an Enclosed Underbelly trailer.
Recessed Underbelly - this is a trailer that has no material concealing the bottom of the trailer frame. When looking underneath the trailer, you will be able to see waste tanks, electrical and plumbing lines, wiring, and the bottom of your trailer floor. You will also see the exposed frame rails and crossmembers (steel supports running from one frame rail across to the other frame rail). Using this model will allow you to recess the spare tire up into the frame limiting ground clearance loss.
Underslung - Hide A Spare that is used with Enclosed Underbelly trailers. It allows the spare tire to be positioned below the frame as opposed to recess into the cavity between the frame rails. Underslung models should be mounted as close to the axles as possible as it decreases ground clearance
I-Beam Frame - each frame rail will look like a capital ‘I’ from the end of the trailer. Each side of the frame (passenger and driver) will have a horizontal lip on the lower, exterior edge. The Hide-a-Spare fitting the ‘I’-beam frame will have brackets that are designed to avoid this lip.
Other Frame Types - frames that are not ‘I’-beams will have a flat, smooth vertical surface. These are called Box, Channel, ‘C’-frame, or ‘Z’-frame. They will not have the lip the ‘I’-beam and will have a flat, vertical bracket can be used on the Hide-a-Spare
Pivot Bracket - the Hide-a-Spare bracket that is mounted permanently to the Driver’s side and acts as a hinge when the Hide-a-Spare is lowered to remove the tire.
Storage Bracket - this mounts permanently to the Passenger’s side and allows the Hide-a-Spare to secure to the trailer using a removable Locking Knob and Cotter Pin