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On The Go Mixed Bed Resin Deionizer Refill Kit
On The Go Mix Bed Resin Deionizer Refill Kit
On The Go Mixed Bed Resin Deionizer Refill Kit

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DESCRIPTION Instructions
  • Single refill kit.
  • Refill for OTG2-SDI Deionizer.
  • High grade mixed bed resin.
  • Purifies water through ion exchange technology.
  • Produces approximately 180 gallons of water with the Deionizer.
  • Gives a spot free rinse every time.
  • Shelf life: 18 - 24 months.
  • Note: is not interchangeable with CR Spotless.
  • Includes resin, funnel, lubricant, distributor cap and instructions.

Mixed Bed Resin Deionizer Refill Kit by On The Go

If you have an On The Go OTG2-SDI Portable Water Deionizer and need a refill on the mixed bed resin then this is the kit for you. This On The Go Mixed Bed Resin Deionizer Refill Kit includes everything you need to refill your tank, a single time and the installation is quick and easy, taking about 10 minutes to fill. This will give you up to 180 gallons of purified water, the ability to rinse 6 - 15 RVs before having to replace the resin. This resin for the deionizer will give your vehicle a spot free rinse every time.

Spot Free Wash With Purified Water

In order to have a spot free rinse on your RV or any vehicle, you must get rid of the dissolved minerals. In the deionizer the water flows through the first resin material removing calcium, iron and magnesium ions similar to a normal water softening process. However, unlike home softening equipment, deionization units have a second type of resin that also removes negatively charged ions, such as Fluorides, in the process. The result is mineral-free purified water that leaves no water spotting after rinsing a clean RV.

What is deionization?

Deionization is when almost all mineral ions are removed from the water, such as cations and anions. Some of the cations that get removed are sodium, calcium, iron and copper and the anions are chloride and sulfate. It has a chemical process in which hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions are exchanged for dissolved minerals. This creates a high purity water very similar to distilled water.

Technical Specs.

Application: spot free water systems, ultra pure water.
Appearance: spherical beads.
Component: strong base cation, strong base anion.
Ratio: 40/60%.
Moisture content: 65%.
Mean size typical: 0.65 - 0.90 mm.
Temp. limit: 140 F.

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