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If you are the type of camper who doesn't want to miss the big game, race or your favorite TV shows while you are away, a portable satellite can be the ideal alternative. Many campgrounds and most all state parks don't have cable hookups and over the air TV reception can be hit or miss . In these situations, having access to satellite TV can help you stay entertained, especially when its raining and you can't do anything outside.

More Entertainment Options

The most common reason individuals choose satellite television for their RV is to increase their entertainment options. While many campers don't spend a lot of time in the trailer watching TV shows, it can be a good way to pass the time as a storm moves through the area or to wind down before bed. When television stations are limited, satellite can give you even more options to keep every member of the family satisfied.

A Flexible Antenna

While you can mount a satellite on your RV, a portable satellite is much more versatile and flexible. Mounted dishes can be rotated, but if you don't have a clear view in the right direction, you won't get the reception you need to use it. A portable option, on the other hand, can be moved wherever you need it, increasing the chances of a good signal so you can enjoy your favorite TV shows, even while camping.

Tap into Your Home Service

If you already subscribe to a satellite service at home, you may be able to take your current package with you on the go. Contact your service provider about how to use your satellite service from other locations. They will also help you choose the right satellite receptor so you can keep using your subscription without wasting money on a service you can't use at all times.

Choosing a portable satellite for your RV can enhance your camping experience and ensure you don't miss your favorite shows while you camp. While most people try to disconnect when they are camping, there are times when you just want to sit in front of the television. In these situations, having access to satellite television can give you more options, particularly in areas with poor television signals.

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By Bill Rowell
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Portable Satellite for Your Travels