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Carefree of Colorado Buena Vista RoomGetting the right amount of shade during warm sunny days can be important. It keeps you out of the direct line of sunlight, not to mention the air feels much cooler. You stay much more comfortable without having to retreat inside your RV. However, your RV's awning may not be enough to provide all the shade you want, particularly if you have a larger set-up at the campsite or if the sun is shining in at angle. Likewise when you are inside your RV, having the right amount of shade will keep the inside temperatures cooler, so your air conditioning unit will not have to work as hard.
When you want to increase the amount of shade, using a canopy extension such as those from Carefree of Colorado can add several feet of shade to your existing RV awning. This is perfect if you need to provide space for a larger group, or if the set-up of your campsite requires more space. The Carefree awnings are easy to use, without needing drills or a professional for installation. For those times when an overhead awning is not able to sufficiently block the sun, there are several options to subdue the light and keep it out of your eyes. Items such as the Carefree Zipblocker, Sunblocker and Sideblocker can create shade on all three sides, so you are protected at nearly any angle. The Zipblocker is black and uses a zipper to hold the shade in place. The Sunblocker and Sideblocker are available in four different colors and have one piece installation. All three can block a substantial amount of light without hiding your view of the landscape.
If you are looking for the utmost shade and protection, you may want to go with a screen room. Examples include the Carefree Vacation'r and Buena Vista rooms. With each made to fit different types of RV awnings, they provide protection from the sun, rain and other outside elements at all angles. They both have windowed panels with their own shades that block the light almost completely, and provide total privacy. If you don't wish to attach a room or shade to your RV awning, stand alone canopies and screen houses from Wenzel are also available.
It doesn't end with the outside. Shades and visors for your RV's interiors can make things more comfortable when you need to be inside. Carefree offers pull down visors for the front and side windows, each with a 36" drop. The side visors can block most of the light while still allowing you an outside view. For complete shade, Adco has windshield covers for both Class A and Class C RVs. Camco also has shades made specifically for the door windows and ceiling vents. The door window shade has a reflective surface to bounce the sunlight back out, while the ceiling vent shade pulls out to 19" and retracts to fit almost any size vent. Of course, making use of window treatments, such as blinds or curtains will help as well.
There are a number of other accessories available for RV awnings, such as covers, supports and rollers for the corners of doors. Please contact us if you have any questions or need assistance on the types of shades or awning accessories RVUpgrades has available.
By Julie T

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