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Awning AccessoriesWith spring right around the corner, now is the perfect time to start looking at accessories for your RV awning. What to get depends on how much you use the outdoor patio space, which most people tend to use it a lot. Awnings can serve many purposes including keeping you dry in the rain and protecting you from the sun on a hot day.
One great idea for your awning area is to use it as an extra room. When you have extra guests or just have a large family, where do you put everyone when you don't have enough beds. The solution to this issue is an add a room, which easily attaches to the awning of your RV and come in many sizes to fit the size of your awning. If not using it for a place to sleep, it can simply be used as an enclosed patio area, to keep you from getting eaten alive by mosquitoes at night or to give you a place to cool off from the sun.
Another accessory that you might want to consider is a shade or canopy extension. The EZ Zipblocker is a nice choice for a shade, as it easily attaches by sliding into the roller slot, to detach just unzip the zipper, fold and put away. This shade will block the sun, giving you shade and a cool place to relax. The extension canopy is perfect if you are looking to have a bigger shaded area, it will extend the shade by 8'.
When you have a patio that gets used frequently, things tend to get scattered all over creating a mess. Another great accessory is the Carefree Awning Storage Locker/Gear Bag, if you have this product it will give you a place to store grilling items, a book, games and has hooks to hang clothes or an apron, keeping this area clean. It easily hangs from the awning giving you a place to keep the things you need at hand.
Now that you read about a few of the accessories we carry, look through our entire selection to see all of our products and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
By Heather L

RV Awning Accessories

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