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SGII Ultra Compact Multi-Function Vehicle Computer
ScanGaugeII SGII Ultra Compact Multi-Function Vehicle Computer
ScanGaugeII SGII Ultra Compact Multi-Function Vehicle Computer

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The ScanGaugeII is a programmable 3-in-1 vehicle computer features include more than 15 built-in digital gauges, 4 trip computers and an easy-to-use ScanTool that shows both set and pending trouble codes. All in an ultra compact design that installs in minutes.  ScanGaugeII installs in just minutes without tools and does not require batteries or an external power source.  All data and power are derived from the single OBDII connection. Works on all 1996 or newer OBDII vehicles, including gas, diesel, propane and hybrid.  Monitor fuel consumption, cost-per-mile, coolant temperature, engine speed, horsepower, and much more all in real time.  The detachable six (6) foot cord also allows ScanGaugeII to be mounted just about anywhere on the dash or console while staying connected to your vehicle.

ScanGaugeII SGII Ultra Compact Multi-Function Vehicle Computer

Additional Product Information

Exclusive Programmable Gauge System

The ScanGaugeII features the exclusive X-Guage programmable gauge system; you can monitor parameters such as transmission temperatures†, trip data and fuel economy information. X-Gauge™ gives you the ability to customize your ScanGaugeII by adding additional vehicle specific digital gauges.

All New Performance Monitor

The ScanGaugeII features the all new Performance Monitor™ for real-time performance measurements. The Performance Monitor gives your the ability to track your vehicles performance over short periods of time, distance and acceleration.

Learn to Improve Your Gas Mileage

The US government has put out a report that says driving habits can change fuel-economy by up to 33%. ScanGaugeII provides real-time data about your vehicle’s instant and average fuel economy, fuel used, cost of fuel used for each trip, cost per mile, gallons per hour and more!

Trouble-shoot Your Vehicle

ScanGaugeII can help you diagnose and trouble-shoot problems by providing real-time data about your vehicle’s performance. In addition, ScanGaugeII will display captured trouble codes and conditions when the problem occurred. With the ScanGaugeII you can “pull the codes”, make your own repairs and turn off warning lamps just like the Pros.

Catch Problems Early

ScanGaugeII provides real-time gauges to show you what is going on “under the hood” so you can catch issues early before they become more expensive problems.

Turn off That Check Engine Light!

The ScanGaugeII can check for Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) and if found, can display how many there are and the Trouble Codes themselves. Using the internet or repair manuals, these can be translated to the failed component and repairs can be made.

Clear Trouble Codes

Data captured when the Trouble Code was set can be recalled to help troubleshoot the problems (was the temperature hot or cold, speed high or low, etc.). The ScanGauge II can be used to clear the trouble codes and data which will turn off the warning lamp.

Is Your Vehicle Ready for Emissions Testing?

Some states now require that vehicle self tests have been completed since the codes were last cleared, before running emissions checks. The ScanGauge reports this “Readiness”.

Read & Clear Pending Trouble Codes

If no codes where found and your Check Engine light is still on, your vehicle may be storing pending codes. ScanGauge provides a method to force clear any detected or undetected Trouble Codes.

ScanGaugeII - Scantool Overview - ScanGaugeII allows you to scan for and clear trouble codes