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There are all kinds of unique traditions that take place all over the country during the holiday season. Going on a holiday sightseeing trip in your RV is a great way to see some of them! You don't have to stick to warm climates either. When the weather allows, map out places you have never seen or places that advertise seasonal attractions. Such examples can include elaborate lighting displays or holiday themed campgrounds. The key for enjoying winter or holiday travel is to be sure you have the right rv accessories for the winter weather.

Mr. Heater F232000 Portable Buddy HeaterYou may want to have additional heat beyond your regular heating system to help you stay comfortable when the temperature drops. Using a portable heater such as the Portable Buddy from Mr. Heater is an ideal way to create extra warmth. This model from Mr. Heater can accommodate up to 200 square feet with a 4000 or 9000 BTU setting. Using propane as a heating element, it offers safety features such as automatic shut off in case it gets tipped over. You can even use it in your home, as it would come in handy during emergency situations.

Lifan Power Inverter Generator 2600 WattWhen the whole idea of your trip is to look at other people's decorations, you may want to add some of your own. If you plan to do any holiday decorating on your RV in the way of Christmas lights, using a generator may be in order. Much like portable heaters, generators can also be used around the home in the event of an unexpected emergency. Units such as the Lifan Power ESI2600iERCA Inverter Generator can create power where you need it. This unit can be used for delicate electronics, such as TVs or computers. Designed for use as an outdoor generator, the ESI2600iERCA can quietly run up to 7 hours on a 50% load. It produces 2600W of power and is also safe for use in the National Parks, due to its Exhaust Spark Arrestor.

Camco Oak Countertop ExtensionIf you are going to be away from home over the holiday, that doesn't mean you have lose out on a holiday dinner. You can always prepare something for yourself and those who are traveling with you. There are many different kitchen accessories available to help with the task of food prep, one such example being the Camco countertop extension. This solid oak extension uses a drop leaf construction to be in place when you need it, and to fold down out of the way when necessary. It can add an extra 12" of space, which is perfect when you are cooking a larger meal and need extra room.

The holiday season will be over before we know it, so contact us and let's make sure your RV is ready for your winter holiday excursion. We would love to help you have a great time!

By Julie T

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