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Durasafe CCL60-GMB BOLT Newer GM Models Cable Lock

Durasafe CCL60-GMB BOLT Newer GM Models Cable Lock
Durasafe CCL60-GMB BOLT Newer GM Models Cable Lock

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MFG: Durasafe
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The Durasafe CCL60-GMB BOLT cable lock is specifically intended for newer models of GM vehicles. The CCL60-GMB BOLT lock is easy to use and stays resilient against corrosion, adding to its overall lifespan. Since the lock conforms to your vehicle's key, the issues of needing a separate key or remembering a combination are non-existent. The BOLT uses a patented cylinder design that adds to the overall quality of the lock.

The patented cylinder design of the DuraSafe BOLT lock allows the lock to program itself to your vehicle key. It eliminates having to search for keys or to try to figure out which key goes to what lock. The system works on a simple premise. The first time you insert your key, the tumblers inside the cylinder are coded to the key's unique cuts, setting it to your vehicle's key.

Durasafe CCL60-GMB BOLT Newer GM Models Cable Lock

Additional Product Information

Lock Head Construction:

  • Automotive grade, plated zinc die cast head
  • Automotive grade, zinc die cast lock cylinder
  • Lock features hard chrome plated ball bearings
  • Automotive grade, weather-resistant shutter keeps out dust and dirt
  • Two o-rings in the lock head give moisture and dust protection
  • Lock has rugged, protective jacket with moisture resistant dust cap
  • 6-plate tumbler sidebar on lock makes it nearly impossible to pick or bump


  • Locks are proudly made in the U.S.A.
  • BOLT lock is programmed to work with your vehicle key
  • Fits over 88% of light trucks on the road and over 70% of all Ford, GM and Chrysler vehicles on the road
  • BOLT lock is compatible with 111 million vehicles
  • No more forgetting where you put your seldom used keys
  • No extra keys to worry about
  • No combinations to remember