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SMI Stay-IN-Play Duo Towed Vehicle Braking System
SMI 9599006 Stay-IN-Play Duo Towed Vehicle Braking System
SMI 9599006 Stay-IN-Play Duo Towed Vehicle Braking System

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MFG P/N: 9599006
MFG: Demco
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Description Instructions
The SMI 9599006 Stay In Play Duo is one of the most unique braking systems on the market today. There is currently no other system that features an out of the way, soft pedal proportional braking design that fits every towed vehicle on the market. Activation requires deceleration and the application of the motorhome's brakes to instantly and proportionally apply the towed vehicles brakes.
  • Fits any tow vehicle and motorhome combo
  • Used with hydraulic brakes
  • Hidden installation under the hood of the tow vehicle and out of the way
  • The DUO braking system replenishes the vacuum in the vehicle's power brake system utilizing a soft brake pedal.
  • Features a dual-signal activation eliminating the chance of the system activating when you do not want it to
  • With the power brakes active, only 10 - 12 pounds of pressure is required to provide a gentle smooth stop
  • Automatically applies proportionate and progressive brake effort.
  • Panic stop braking feature
  • Two signals are required to activate the system
  • LED coach notification system illuminates when the towed vehicle's brakes are applied
  • Replaced SMI part # 99251.
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 11 lbs
  • Air cylinder only apply 10 pounds of force
  • Operating unit dimensions: 8" Length x 5" Width x 2-1/4" Height
  • Limited 5-year manufacturer warranty
  • Made in the USA

SMI Stay-IN-Play Duo Towed Vehicle Braking System

Additional Product Information
The SMI Stay in Play DUO utilizes air pressure and vacuum to give you the fastest most powerful self-contained supplemental brake ever. Duo uses the power and speed of air pressure to activate your towed vehicle brake pedal while creating a vacuum for the power brake system. These two features combine to create the only progressive and proportionate vacuum assisted system with total control. Duo requires BOTH deceleration AND coach brake lights to apply the towed vehicle brakes. By combining two separate signals the need for complicated electronics is eliminated, which provides you a more reliable long lasting system. In addition, DUO is the pioneer in user-friendly operation; "Just Turn it on...and Tow." This simple technology was first introduced in 2003. Tried and true, DUO does not have to be taken in and out for normal operation of the towed vehicle. Unhook the car and drive off, that's all. No box, no wires, in fact, no physical connection to the motorhome at all.

The Stay-IN-Play DUO system energizes the towed vehicle’s power brakes without the engine running, so you have a soft brake pedal. Once engaged, DUO replenishes the vacuum in the car's power brake system. By replenishing vacuum, the gentle smooth pressure is applied to the towed vehicle’s brakes. With the power brakes active, only 10 - 12 pounds of pressure is required to provide a gentle smooth stop.

Activation of the towed vehicle's brakes require BOTH deceleration and the brake lights from the motorhome. Once BOTH signals are present, DUO gently applies the brakes. There is no complicated gain or sensitivity to achieve the proportionate balance of brake effort, it is all automatic. Automatically, once engaged, DUO will apply progressive brake effort in the towed vehicle. Because DUO uses both brake lights from the coach and deceleration, there is absolutely no delay. This becomes critical in a panic stop. Systems that use only deceleration must "think" first, is this a step grade, is this a large bump or is this stopping? Time translates to feet while towing and in a panic stop, inches are important. No self-contained system applies brakes faster than the DUO.

Coach Notification is another important aspect of any supplemental brake system. Some claim to have it but really do not; while others do not really tell you about the position of the brake pedal in the towed vehicle. Without question, the most important information while towing is the status of the braking system in the towed vehicle. "Are the brakes applied?" That is the question. When researching brake systems, ask the question, "Do you have coach notification FROM THE TOWED VEHICLES BRAKE PEDAL SWITCH?" Many will claim to have a signal but do not, and others will have a signal from some other source. The only reliable and complete signal must originate from the towed vehicle's brake switch. If the light is on, the brakes are on, period. What you do not want is a problem while you are towing. Knowing the position of the brake pedal gives you that peace of mind.

Simple on/off towing, the gentleness of vacuum, the speed and power of air pressure, dual signal activation, and reliable coach notification all combine to provide the most powerful easy to use system available today