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43200 20Oz Can Expanding Foam Sealant
Geocel 20Oz Can Expanding Foam Sealant
20Oz Expanding Foam Sealant

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The Geocel 43200 20Oz Can Expanding Foam Sealant is a single component, moisture-cure, polyurethane foam sealant with a (H) CFC-free propellant designed to fill gaps, cracks, etc., and to stop air infiltration around door and window frames and pipe penetrations.
  • Expanding Foam Sealant expands up to 3 times to fill large voids & holes.
  • Features an R-value of 4 to 5.
  • Tack Free: Approx. 5 minutes
  • Cure: 12 to 24 hours
  • Service Temperature: -200° F to 240° F (-128° C to 115° C)
  • Application Temperature: 40° F to 115° F (4° C to 46° C)
  • Recommended Use: Fill gaps/ cracks/ crevices and stops air infiltration around door/ window frames.
  • Adheres To: Asphalt, masonry, vinyl, wood, steel, and other common building substrates.
  • Precautions: Not UV resistant; exposed foam should be painted. Not intended for use in areas with poor ventilation.
  • For best results, condition foam to room temperature.
  • Comes in a 20 oz. can.
  • Note: This product cannot be shipped by air.
  • Limited 90-day manufacturer warranty.
Theoretical Yield Per: Can Size - 20 oz. can yield = 1.13 cu. ft., Bead Size - 3/8" = 20 oz. = 1474 linear ft.

Application: Expanding Foam Sealant should be applied in a well-ventilated area, or with respiratory protection. For best results, use Expanding Foam Sealant with sufficient atmospheric humidity. Deep, dry cavities may need to be moistened before application. However, too much wetness will interfere with adhesion. Fill the lowest part of the cavity first. When using Expanding Foam Sealant, fill only 40% with foam since expanding formula expands approximately 2 1/2 times. Expanding Foam Sealant may be applied in cold or hot ambient conditions as long as the chemical temperature is maintained. Expanding Foam Sealant will withstand continuous temperatures up to 240° F (115° C). Do not disturb freshly dispensed foam because it will collapse. Expanding Foam Sealant will be tack free in 5 minutes and cures to firm resiliency within 24 hours, depending on moisture and temperature conditions.

: Expanding Foam Sealant may be painted or stained after full cure. NOTE: Outdoor applications must be coated with a paint or stain to protect the foam from ultraviolet light exposure.

Cannot be shipped to California

Geocel 20Oz Can Expanding Foam