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RV Camping When you are on an RV trip, certain things come into play that don't pertain to other types of vacations or excursions. RV camping is a unique experience, with many different types of supplies to make the trip easier and more enjoyable for everyone. When it comes to basic camping items, ease of use, storage space and of course, safety, are all important factors.
When entertaining outside, even at home, more enjoyment can be found when drinks and snacks stay within easy reach. This can be easily taken care of with outdoor tables, of course. However there are other solutions that can achieve this goal, which comes in handy when all the tables are taken. To that end, items such as the Camco Tipsy Stix Beverage Holder and the Prime Products Clip On Cup Holder can hold the food or drinks right where someone is sitting. This certainly beats having to hold it in your hand or lap, or putting it on the ground! The Tipsy Stix Holder stakes into the ground and can accommodate different sizes of glasses or bowls at different heights. The Clip On Holder works with almost any A-Frame chair, giving you an instant side table! When it comes to cleaning up spills or messes, you can keep paper towels within easy reach with the EZ-Roll Paper Towel Holder. The bungee style cords clip onto almost anything, so the paper towel roll can be placed anywhere that's convenient and wont blow away.
Its been mentioned here many times how important storage space is and to consolidate it whenever possible. Collapsible objects can solve this issue easily, while making a picnic or camping trip go more smoothly. When you have food set outside and you want to keep insects, leaves or other debris off of it, food covers are a great way to go. They are perfect if you have buffet style eating when everyone gets what they want whenever they wish, or when your meal is ready but not everyone is ready to eat the same time. Ming Mark offers several different food cover sets that come in different sizes and are all collapsible for easy storage. There are even insulated versions that can keep the food that the temperature you want for a longer period. If you have trash or recycling, its easy to divide the two with collapsible containers. The recycling bin even has separate areas for bottles, cans and paper. Camco also has an extra large size bin that is perfect for larger groups, or even for use at home for collecting yard waste.
Lastly, in the event that someone gets separated from the group, there are items that can help keep them comfortable and make them easier to find. Camco has an emergency blanket as well as a poncho that are both made to keep out the wind and rain. They also work to keep in body heat. The highly reflective material will make them more noticeable. For general use, Camco's rain poncho can keep you dry when inclement weather unexpectedly pops up. It's also a great thing to have along if you plan on spending any time away from the vicinity of your motorhome.
By Julie T

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