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2015 RV Accessories Articles Tips, Tricks and Information
Whether your new to the RV'ing lifestyle or a seasoned veteran, knowing which accessories to purchase for your camper or motorhome can make a big difference in your camping experience. We have compiled hundreds of helpful articles over the years and plan to bring this information together all in one spot. So check back often for information that just might make your next RV trip just that much better.
Devices to Make Parking your RV, Trailer or Camper Easier
by Heather L 3/19/2015
Do you struggle when it comes to accurately parking your RV, trailer or camper? You can try, try and try again but sometimes you just can't park it exactly where you need it. If it seems like no matter what you do, your either too far to the left, too far to the right, or possibly worse you end up backing into something, then we have a few accessories, that will be described in this article to make this a simple task.
Finishing touches that add style and functionality to your RV
by Julie T 3/19/2015
Accessorizing is a part of any interior design project, whether it is for your home or your RV. Adding the right finishing touches helps to bring a space together and give it a cohesive appearance. Due to the limited space in RV interior design, it's best to have accessories that not only add the sense of style but also provide functionality. The idea of having an 'open concept' space is even more prevalent, as more living spaces are in full view of each other than in a house. We have plenty of interior accessories available to create or update the look of your motorhome.
Front Mount Accessories that Would be Helpful During Towing
by Heather L 3/18/2015
When towing a trailer or camper behind your tow vehicle, it leaves no room behind for any hitch accessories to be functional. This is where if you have a front hitch you can get accessories that will increase space or be helpful to you and your vehicle. This article will give just a few examples of the accessories that we carry that may be helpful to you on your next road trip.
Protect your RV Exterior from Getting Damaged While Driving
by Heather L 3/17/2015
As you know RVs, fifth wheel trailers and campers are big and tall and while driving you have blind spots or areas of the vehicle that you just can't see. In this article we are going to discuss just a few safety accessories that can help protect the exterior from damaging accidents and save you from having to pay for the expensive cost of repairing those damages.
Go "Green" with these RV Accessories
by Julie T 3/17/2015
There are some out there who probably feel that staying environmentally conscious while RV-ing is a contradiction in terms. This assumption is not necessarily true. There are plenty of ways to 'go green' while you are away from home. Most likely you take your motorhome to natural spots. Seeing these types of locations in person is certainly more effective than seeing it at home on your TV or in a picture. You'll probably be more apt to want to see it preserved for future generations. This article will go over a few easy ways that you can stay environmentally aware in your travels.
Keeping your Kitchen Stuff Safe While Driving Down the Road in your RV
by Heather L 3/13/2015
Your driving down the road and you make a sharp turn, all you hear is CRASH, coming from the back of your RV. So you stop and look and all your kitchen glassware, plates and food from inside the refrigerator is scattered and broken all over the floor. This is a common mistake made by a beginner RVer. There are many products out there that are made specifically to keep your things from sliding out of their area, even on the sharpest of turns.
Understanding the Different Types of Hose and Cord Reels
by Julie T 3/12/2015
Power cord and hose reels can bring a lot of convenience for RV storage. Hoses and cords are kept neat and organized rather than being placed in a pile. Keeping them neatly wound up also saves storage space and makes them easier to use when you need them. Using a reel will allow you to only pull out the amount that you need, and it will eliminate the kinks or tangles. They will also make the most use of your space so the hose or cord takes up the smallest amount of room. Reels can vary by more than just dimensions and capacity. The type of retraction, mounting style and the intended purpose for the reel also come into play when making a decision.
Helpful Supplies to Have in Case your RV Breaks Down
by Heather L 3/11/2015
You're driving down the road in your RV and all of a sudden, it breaks down. Maybe it's a flat tire, did you run out of gas or maybe worse, engine trouble. These are just a few reasons why you would be stranded on the side of the road. Your first thought when this happens should be about your safety, where are you at, can other drivers see you and if not how can you make yourself visible to others. This is why having emergency supplies stored somewhere on your vehicle is helpful.
Upgrading the Stereo System in Your RV
by Julie T 3/10/2015
Looking to upgrade the existing stereo system in your RV? There are of course, many different types of stereo receivers available. Choosing the one you want involves considering several factors. How often you plan on using it and what types of media you wish to be compatible with it are both things to keep in mind. Stereo systems can range from a basic radio and CD player, to units that support many different mediums, such as CD, DVD, MP3 and more. If you are the type that stores music on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or iPod, features such as a USB port or Bluetooth capability may also be important.
Taking your Dog with you on a Camping Trip
by Heather L 3/5/2015
Your dog is not just a pet, their more like family and more times than not, you take them where ever you go. Taking them on a camping trip can be fun but it can also be a lot of work. Going on a walk, swimming in the river or pond and then campgrounds have a lot of mud and dirt, in which they love to roll around in. Here are a few pet accessories to help you on your trip.
Outdoor Cooking Accessories for Your RV Adventures
by Julie T 3/5/2015
One of the best things about going on an RV camping trip is the food. There's something about cooking and eating meals outside that gives it a flavor that you can't get in a kitchen. The same holds true for backyard barbeques or picnics in the park. As spring draws nearer, the thought of spending more time outside in the nicer weather becomes more and more appealing. Whether you prefer to cook on a grill, or over an open campfire we have the outdoor RV accessories you'll need.
Choosing Bedding for your RV Beds
by Heather L 3/4/2015
Trying to find bedding that fits your RV, motor home or camper beds can be a real hassle. Not to mention you probably won't even be able to find the proper fitting sheets and comforters in your local stores. Using your regular at home bedroom linen most likely won't fit, due to the different sizes and shapes of the beds in your RV. An RV size full, queen or king may not be the same as your homes full, queen or king. You could just put them on and deal with having to fix it in the middle of the night or every morning when you get up, or you can check out our selection of different brands and sizes, specifically made for RV beds, to fit just about any size mattress.
Awning Accessories for your RV
by Heather L 3/3/2015
With spring right around the corner, now is the perfect time to start looking at accessories for your RV awning. What to get depends on how much you use the outdoor patio space, which most people tend to use it a lot. Awnings can serve many purposes including keeping you dry in the rain and protecting you from the sun on a hot day.
Accessories for cleaning up your RV exterior
by Julie T 3/3/2015
Ideas on cleaning the inside of your RV have been mentioned here previously, so now we'll move on to your motorhome's exterior. It's a good idea to give your RV a thorough washing a couple of times a year, even if it's been covered up all winter. Taking the time to do so will make your RV look like new and give it a fresh appearance for the upcoming camping and travel season. There is a vast number of cleaners and cleaning accessories available to help you get the job done.
EternaBond Stops Leaks and Permanently Repairs Your RV Roof
by Heather L 2/26/2015
As winter is coming to an end, the snow melts and you begin to take your RV, trailer or camper out of storage. Depending on where and how it was stored, you may run into a few issues, especially if it sat outside all winter. One of the problems you may find is a leak in the roof, which is never a good thing. Don't worry about finding a roof repairman, that will probably cost you an arm and a leg. The solution to this problem is EternaBond, which is an inexpensive, quick and easy, do it yourself way to fix it.
Hitching accessories to get the job done right
by Julie T 2/26/2015
In an ideal situation, you would have someone with you to help out in getting your hitch lined up correctly. Unfortunately, this is doesn't always happen. When you need to hitch up a trailer or camper to your vehicle, it can be a real chore if you are doing it by yourself. Hitching a trailer on your own can sometimes mean getting in and out of your vehicle repeatedly to make sure you are lining up the coupler and ball mount correctly. It's always a good idea to have a little extra assistance in this area, even if you think you won't need it. There are ways to easily get the job done if you are by yourself.
Outdoor RV Lighting is Important and Trendy
by Heather L 2/25/2015
Have you ever been to a campground and tried walking around outside your camper, motor home or RV at night, without any outdoor lighting, it's not that easy is it? The number one reason why outdoor lights are so important is obviously because of the dark night. Trying to find your way around in the dark can not only be dangerous but it can also be scary. The idea of the unknown can be nerve wracking, is there an animal out there, am I going to step on something sharp or trip over something and fall. What about when the campfire dies out? If you don't have lights, then you have to make your way back to your RV in the dark.
The Icon AeroShield Wind Deflector Saves You Money
by Heather L 2/24/2015
When towing a trailer long distances saving money is an important factor. Adding the Icon AeroShield Wind Deflector to your truck, will do exactly as it says, by deflecting the wind up and over the camper or trailer, giving you a smoother ride. This will also save you money by giving you better gas mileage, up to 3 MPG more. By not having an AeroShield the wind will get trapped in-between your truck and the trailer, which can in turn create instability and poor handling of you vehicle. Also the wind hitting the front of the trailer will put added drag on your tow vehicle, making the engine work harder and also losing gas mileage.
Fan-Tastic Vents and Vent Fans Improve Interior RV Air Quality
by Julie T 2/24/2015
Having the right type of rooftop vent or powered vent fan for your RV is important for maintaining interior air quality. Besides replacing stale, musty air with fresh air, they help to get rid of odors, such as those created while cooking. In the warmer months, circulating outside air can also keep inside temperatures down, which can sometimes save you from having to run an air conditioner. Moisture buildup, which is common in bathrooms and other smaller spaces, can be prevented through the use of a vent. If you are looking to change or upgrade the rooftop vents on your motorhome, there are different types of Fan-Tastic rooftop vent options available.
Why Get A Dehumidifier For Your RV
by Heather L 2/20/2015
Whether you live in your RV, trailer or camper, or you store it for a period of time while not in use, a dehumidifier is always great to have. If you live somewhere where the weather is warm and humid, they can remove the harmful humidity or condensation that gets trapped on the inside, that causes mold and mildew. Even if it's cold and you store your vehicle, there might not be much humidity but because it may be sitting for a long time, it is still susceptible to moisture, which is not good for your vehicle.
Camping Accessories to Have On Hand
by Julie T 2/19/2015
Whether you are planning to take any camping trips in the spring or not, now is a great time to start thinking about the supplies you might need. There can be a lot to consider when going on an RV trip, and it's easy to forget something important. Here is a selection of a few items you should remember to bring along, especially as the weather starts getting warmer.
Making Sense of RV TV Antennas
by Julie T 2/17/2015
We have previously discussed the reasons for having a TV antenna for your RV. These can include not wanting to miss your favorite shows or the big game, as well as having a source of news and weather information in the event that you need it. However, there are many options when it comes to RV TV antennas, which can be overwhelming if you aren't sure what you want. Certain factors besides budget should be taken under consideration. How much time you'll spend watching TV, whether you'll use it outside and the number of channels you want to receive are all things to think about before making a decision. This article will go over a few of the TV antennas available for your motorhome.
The Advantages of Having Towing Mirrors
by Heather L 2/16/2015
If you have ever had to tow a trailer behind your vehicle, then you may know what it is like to not be able to see along the side or behind the trailer. As you know this can be extremely dangerous, especially when trying to switch lanes or back up. Some accidents or "close calls" with tow vehicles happen because the driver did not have the visibility he/she needed. If you had a pair of towing mirrors to put onto your tow vehicle this would solve the problem.
The Steel Joey Chair VS. Original Joey Chair
by Heather L 2/12/2015
When you go to a campground the number one thing everyone loves to do is sit around a fire and relax. Have you ever been camping and not had a comfy place to sit by the fire at night? If so then check out our new Steel Joey Chair by Travel Chair.
Accessories For Freshening Up Your RV Interior
by Julie T 2/12/2015
RV-ing in the winter can be a messy business. Salt, snow, mud and other types of dirt and grime can easily get tracked inside. On the other hand, you may want to start preparing for a spring cleaning after your RV has been in storage. You've certainly heard the term 'spring cleaning' in reference to your home. Your RV benefits from this as well, especially if you have any early spring trips coming up. Whether you are already thinking about getting your RV ready for spring, or if you've done some winter traveling and wish to do a thorough cleaning, these RV accessories will come in handy.
Easily Disconnect your RV Sewer Hose with the Rhinoflex Wrench
by Heather L 2/10/2015
Have you ever been stuck at a campground because you can't get your sewer hose unhooked from your RV? If so then you know this can be very frustrating and what do you do to get it off. Your options are to try and find some help, keep trying or get out your big locking pliers that will only warp and tear up the fittings. If you have the Camco RhinoFlex Sewer Fitting Wrench Set, then your problems are solved.
Fresh Water Solutions for Getting Clean, Clear Water for Your RV
by Julie T 2/10/2015
The existence of hard water or poor quality water may be something you experience at home. Most likely you take steps to deal with that issue, such as using water filtration systems. In an RV, the quality of the water can easily change depending on the weather or where you are. For examples, some areas of the country are more susceptible to having a high concentration of minerals in their water than others. You don't have to be subjected to the varying conditions of water you may find at different campgrounds. There are several different ways to ensure that your water is clean and safe to use for drinking or washing.
The Differences Between Generators, Inverters and Converters
by Julie T 2/5/2015
Unsure whether you need an inverter, generator or converter for your RV? Supplying electrical power to your coach doesn't have to be a confusing issue, although with all the options out there it may be overwhelming. Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, you may even need a combination of devices to get your intended result. Once you are prepared with the right information, however, the task becomes much simpler.
Camping Accessories That Provide Added Convenience
by Julie T 2/3/2015
When you are on an RV trip, certain things come into play that don't pertain to other types of vacations or excursions. RV camping is a unique experience, with many different types of supplies to make the trip easier and more enjoyable for everyone. Certain things do come into play with basic camping items, such as ease of use, storage space and of course, safety.
Gear Up For Springtime With These Motorhome Accessories
by Julie T 1/29/2015
Even though it's still winter and the snow may be flying where you live, it's never too early to start planning an RV trip. With spring less than two months away, the warmer weather will be here before we know it. Now is a great time to take stock on what you need or what you may want to replace. If you have the necessary supplies taken care of, maybe you'll want to update the look & feel of your RV. Don't forget about your outdoor space! Here are some ideas of RV accessories to keep in mind when planning your patio area
Protect your RV electrical system & devices with Surge Guard
by Bill Rowell 1/28/2015
Just like at home, surge protection is important for your RV as well. Incorrect voltages or influxes of power can cause damage to your RV's electrical system or devices. Using surge protection can save you from costly repair or replacements. When connecting to a campground's power pedestal without surge protection, you have to trust that it is working properly and delivering power correctly.
The American Brass Gooseneck Faucet helps create the look of your RV's kitchen
by Bill Rowell 01/27/2015
Whether you are working in your kitchen at home, the look of the plumbing fixtures can be just as important and their function. This is also true with the kitchen in your RV. Besides making sure the appliances in the kitchen meet your needs, the smaller details, such as the style of faucet, can add to the enjoyment of the space. The American Brass Gooseneck Faucet comes in three styles to fit several different types of décor.
Handy RV Kitchen Accessories Make Food Prep Easier
by Bill Rowell 1/27/2015
When it comes time to prepare meals, setting up your RV's kitchen doesn't need to be a challenge. Some RV kitchens can be more luxurious than residential ones, but for most people, they may not have the size and space available in a home kitchen. There are plenty of ways to make the most out of the space you do have. Whether your cooking skills are basic or advanced, here are a few things to keep in mind before taking your next trip.
RVTech Streak-X has a special formula for cargo and race trailers
by Bill Rowell 01/26/2015
Just like any other vehicle, your cargo trailer is prone to picking up all kinds of dirt and stains while in use. Black streaks can form after time, reducing the quality of your trailer's appearance. Rain and bad weather can also contribute to stains forming on the surface. That being said, having a black streak cleaner can definitely come in handy. While RVTech does have a general black streak remover for RVs, as well as other exterior cleaners, this Streak-X solution is intended just for cargo trailers and race trailers. The cargo trailer formula is made to work 85% faster, saving you time and effort.
The Voyager WVOS713 Observation System uses wireless technology
by Bill Rowell 01/23/2015
Having a backup camera or observation system is key when driving a larger vehicle such as an RV. No matter how confident you may be in your ability to maneuver a vehicle, it is to your advantage to take the extra step in avoiding potential damage. Rear-view mirrors can only do so much to help you see past blind spots. Installing a camera system can allow you to see further than the mirrors can reach.
Transport your items in all kinds of weather with the Amigo Cargo Carrier Bag
by Bill Rowell 01/22/2015
When you are looking for extra storage, one option is to certainly use a hitch mounted cargo carrier. Sometimes, however that may not be enough to keep your belongings secure during transport. Likewise, the flat surface of the basket can only accommodate so many items. Certain things also need to be kept protected from the weather, but the necessary room is not always available inside the vehicle. A cargo carrier bag can help eliminate those issues.
Make Your RV Bathroom Feel Like Home
by Bill Rowell 1/22/2015
Even though the bathroom in your RV is likely smaller than the one you have at home, there is no reason you can't be just as comfortable. Planning the look and feel of your RV bathroom can be rewarding; it only takes some planning and choosing the right parts to create the style you want. The range of fixtures and supplies available means you won't have to sacrifice form for function.
The Silverleaf VMS 440 CL provides numerous features in one place
by Bill Rowell 01/21/2015
Choosing the engine monitoring system you need can depend on several factors. For practical reasons, you will want to make sure there is enough room in your RV to accommodate a particular model. You should also take into consideration how much time you spend RV-ing.
Thinking beyond a folding step ladder
by Bill Rowell 1/21/2015
Step ladders are of course easy to store and easy to use. Their typically compact size makes them a convenient solution to reaching certain areas. Sometimes a step ladder may not be enough, specifically in terms of height. Step ladders can sometimes be cumbersome to carry around as well. If you are looking for a ladder that can allow you to get more done, there are other options.
Reduce the hassles of towing with the TowMate Wireless Tow Lighting System
by Bill Rowell 01/20/2015
When hooking up a towed vehicle, there are obviously several steps involved to make sure the vehicle is safely connected. One such aspect is adding a supplemental taillight system for braking and turn signals. These light systems need to be properly installed so that the braking or turning lights come on at the appropriate times. Most light systems need to be wired electrically, which can be a hassle if you are short on time or if you are not confident in your wiring abilities.
Keep your batteries in top condition with BatteryMINDer chargers
by Bill Rowell 1/20/2015
Making sure your vehicle's batteries are in charged and in good condition can go a long way to adding to your peace of mind. Taking care of your batteries and keeping them properly charged helps to make sure they will maintain their performance. It may even help to extend their lifespan.
The SMI Delta Force Supplemental Braking System has the most compact size on the market
by Bill Rowell 01/19/2015
Several different factors come into play when you are looking to tow a vehicle. Most of the time, towing a vehicle behind your motorhome requires you to have a supplemental braking system. This allows you to keep control on the brakes of your towed vehicle in combination with the brakes on your coach.
The Splendide Ariston Stackable Washer & Dryer saves valuable space
by Bill Rowell 01/16/2015
Of course there are several methods to tackling a laundry pile while you are on the road. If you have the time and the ability to do so, it is of course possible to do it by hand. Such methods can be tiring, however, plus a lot of people don't want to spend time on their trip doing laundry themselves.
Aervoe Battery Operated LED Road Flares
by Bill Rowell 01/15/2015
Having road flares in your vehicle in case of emergency is essential, especially when you are going on a lengthy road trip. Road flares help to warn any oncoming traffic of potential hazards or obstacles. Traditional road flares, however, can be dangerous when they are not handled in the right way. To solve that issue, Aervoe Industries has come out with battery operated LED road flares, which is a much safer option.
Storage Options for Your RV Fit Any Need
by Bill Rowell 1/15/2015
Finding ample storage space can be difficult enough when you are at home, in an RV it may be an even bigger challenge. Even though you may have limited space in your RV, there are plenty of options available that take advantage of what space you do have. For one thing, there are many RV accessories that are collapsible or foldable so they wont take up much room.
RV Water Filters for Fresh And Clean Washing and Drinking
by Bill Rowell 01/14/2015
Filtered water is a necessity when traveling or camping with your RV. Neglecting RV water filters can cause water to have an off-taste, be full of sediment, or have an unpleasant odor. Depending on your RV model, budget, or frequency of use, there are plenty of filters to choose from that will make your RV water taste fresh, improve flow, and remain sediment free.
Jensen LED TVs Are Made for RV Travel
by Bill Rowell 1/14/2015
There is no reason to have to sacrifice picture quality with your RV's television. You can still get clear pictures and even HD signals while you are away from home. When choosing a TV for your RV, you may have to consider certain things that aren't applicable to a stationary TV in your house.
Conserve Energy With RV Solar Panels
by Bill Rowell 1/13/2015
Renewable energy can come from several different sources, with solar power being one of the most common. Solar power makes it possible to keep batteries charged and electricity flowing while the sun is out. The same system can be applied to RVs as well, with either temporary or permanent solutions. Using portable systems can be less expensive than mounting installations on your motorhome's rooftop.
Torklift Glow Step RV Entry Steps
by Bill Rowell 01/13/2015
Attempting to enter or exit your RV after dark can be tricky business without proper illumination. RV entry steps can also become slippery, which is hard to notice in the dark. The Torklift Glow Step takes care of these issues by providing a lighted path that is easy to see in the dark. This saves you from having to use a flashlight to see, or worse, using the entry steps in complete darkness. These entry steps feature SureGrip™ that adds to the safety factor by increasing traction, making them safe for anyone to use.
Hayes Lemmerz Blackbird Brake Controller
by Bill Rowell 01/12/2015
The Hayes Lemmerz Blackbird Brake Controller is made to work with electric and electric over hydraulic trailer braking systems and will not obstruct any of your vehicle’s electrical systems. The housing features a compact design to save space and is compatible with 2, 4, 6 and 8 electric brake trailers. The time based display is digital to show the amount of power being transmitted and it can be mounted in whatever position you may need.
Bulldog Powered A-Frame Jack
by Bill Rowell 01/09/2015
The Bulldog powered A-frame jack is operated by electricity and can handle up to 3500 lb. while providing 22″ of lift. Efficient and quiet, this tongue jack is easy to use, with on/off and retract/extend switches. Once extended it can be over 30" in height and can retract back to less than 10". It features an LED on the front to allow you to use it in the dark or at night and a manual override so the jack can still be used even if the power fails. It requires little to no maintenance, as the white or black finish resists corrosion and the motor is sealed.
The Advantages of Using LEDs to Light Your RV
by Bill Rowell 1/8/2015
With all their advantages over traditional bulbs, LED lights are going to continue to be more common. LEDs have grown in popularity in recent years, and have continued to become more versatile as technology advances. While they certainly can be found in homes and businesses, there is no reason you can't upgrade the lighting for your RV as well. Many bulbs can be retrofitted into existing fixtures, making it easier to implement the change.
Reasons to Consider a Portable Water Softener for your RV
by Bill Rowell 01/08/2015
You may have considered the benefits of a water softener for your home, but have you thought about how a portable water softener in your RV could be beneficial? Having soft water in your motor home is just as important as it is at your primary residence, and here a few reasons to consider purchasing one.
Tips on Choosing a Tire Pressure Monitoring System
by Bill Rowell 1/7/2015
Most likely you are aware of the importance of keeping the tires on your car properly inflated. The same principle holds true for your RV as well. In some cases its even more crucial, due to several different factors. The size of the motorhome, the amount of time spent inside the vehicle and the potential distance from local service stations can all affect how you monitor your tire pressure.
Mr Beams LED Anywhere Ceiling Light
by Bill Rowell 01/07/2015
The Mr. Beams LED Anywhere Ceiling Light is a wireless ceiling light with a motion sensor. This ceiling light turns on when it senses movement and is weatherproof, so it can be mounted most anywhere. The LED is bright white making it useful when trying to illuminate a dark area. It works not only for RVs but also for closets, showers and outside porches and gazebos. The motion sensor has a range of 20 feet and the light will shut off if there is no movement detected after 30 seconds.
RV Flag Accessories Allow You to Show Your Patriotism
by Bill Rowell 1/6/2015
If you travel around in an RV and aren’t currently in a stationary house, that doesn’t mean you can’t be patriotic during holidays. Maybe you want to display your support for a division in the military. It's easy enough to do that too! Here are a few ways you can show your pride by flying a flag from your vehicle with a few RV accessories.
LSL Toad-Charge Vehicle Battery Charger
by Bill Rowell 01/06/2015
The LSL Products Toad-Charge Dinghy Vehicle Battery Charger & Maintainer keeps the battery charged on your towed vehicle, eliminating the problem of a battery discharge due to an auxiliary braking system. The Toad-Charge includes a charge regulator, circuit breaker, 40 or 60 foot wiring harnesses & the applicable hardware. Because the harnesses are permanently installed, you do not need to disconnect them when your vehicle is not being towed.
Ming’s Mark High Power DIP LED
by Bill Rowell 01/05/2015
The Ming’s Mark High Power DIP LED light is ideal for RVs, motorbikes, marine and other types of vehicles. It features an 1139 base and 24 LEDs, with a luminosity of 95lm and a 4000-4500K natural white color temperature. Color temperature indictates how closely the bulb imitates natural light. In this case, the light will appear to be mostly white in color, as opposed to the blue or yellow ends of the spectrum. This LED has a wide beam angle of 120 degrees and the base has a positive and negative terminal.