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Bulldog Powered A-Frame Jack The Bulldog powered A-frame jack is operated by electricity and can handle up to 3500 lb. while providing 22″ of lift. Efficient and quiet, this tongue jack is easy to use, with on/off and retract/extend switches. Once extended it can be over 30" in height and can retract back to less than 10". It features an LED on the front to allow you to use it in the dark or at night and a manual override so the jack can still be used even if the power fails. It requires little to no maintenance, as the white or black finish resists corrosion and the motor is sealed.
The battery does need to be kept maintained and charged before using. This tongue jack can be cleaned with mild soap and water if needed, but do not direct any high pressure washers at it. The on/off switch operates the LED light while the retract/extend switch controls the jack. A manual crank bolt is located on top on the jack under a rubber lid, to be used in the event of the power failure. It is important to remember that the jack should never exceed its weight capacity and that the hardware should be checked to confirm the proper torque. The trailer should be secured before operating this jack and the jack is made only for vertical lifting. The jack comes with the hardware needed for mounting and comes with a five year warranty.
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Bulldog Powered A Frame Jack - 3,500lbs