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Coleman Mach Mach 3 Plus EZ Air Conditioner, 13,500 BTU, Arctic White
Coleman Mach 48203-066 Mach 3 Plus EZ Air Conditioner, 13,500 BTU, Arctic White
Coleman Mach Mach 3 Plus EZ Air Conditioner, 13,500 BTU, Arctic White

Price: $959.88
MFG P/N: 48203-066
MFG: Coleman Mach
UPC #: 755790118021
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Description Instructions
The Coleman Mach 48203-066 Mach 3 Plus EZ Air Conditioner features a large evaporator and condenser coils with raised lance fins to help dissipate heat, has a solid 13,500 nominal BTU cooling capacity, and delivers 320 CFM (cubic feet per minute) airflow. All-copper tubing and gas-flux brazed joints ensure durability and long life for your RV air conditioner.
  • Great for use in:
    • Truck campers
    • Fifth wheels
    • Travel trailers
    • Fold-down trailers
    • Class A motorhomes
    • Class B motorhomes
    • Class C motorhomes
    • Horse trailers that have suspensions and roof support equivalent to an RV
  • The motor is mounted directly to the bulkhead to prevent distortion of the angle of the blower wheel
    • Ensures a free-turning action
    • Fixes the motor's position in relation to the blower
  • Features a sealed shaft to protect against damage from the elements
  • Designed to easily start under high temperatures and humidity conditions
  • A plastic drain pan eliminates corrosion
  • Corrosion-resistant, stainless steel truss head screws secure the shroud
  • All-copper tubing and gas-flux brazed joints ensure long life
  • Charged with eco-friendly R-410A refrigerant
  • Medium profile unit
  • Cooling Capacity: 13,500 BTU
  • Non-ducted.
  • The heater assembly is sold separately, see part 9233A4551
    • Electrical Rating: 115 VAC, 60HZ
    • Cooling Amps-High: 13.1
    • Start-Up Watts: 3500
    • Running Watts Standard: 1400
    • Running Watts Desert: 1695
    • Locked Rotor Amps: 50.5
    • Cubic feet per minute: 320
    • Fits a standard 14" x 14" vent opening
    • Dimensions:
      • Exterior Shroud: 38" L x 26.1" W x 13.8" H
      • Interior Shroud: 22.1" L x 21" W x 2.2" H
    • Air Conditioner Weight: 79.5 lbs
    • Color: White
    • Limited 2-year manufacturer warranty
    NOTE: Requires a Ceiling Assembly (sold separately) if switching brands, or for first-time installations.
    Important Shipping Info: If you are shipping to a residence and or need a lift gate (help getting the product off the truck), please let the carrier know when they call to set up the delivery date. This Product Ships by Ground Only.

    Coleman Mach Mach 3 Plus EZ Air Conditioner, 13,500 BTU, Arctic White

    Additional Product Information
    Note: This unit is a replacement for the following models: 8333-871, 8333-876, 8333-877, 8333A871, 8333A876, 8333A877, 8333B671, 8333B676, 8333B677, 8333C871, 8333C876, 8333C877, 8333D876, 8333D877, 8333E856, 8333E8564, 8333E876, 8333E8764, 8333E8766, 8332-897, 8332-896, 8332-891, 48203-866, 48203A866, 48203-876, 48203A876, 48253-866, 48253A866, 48253B866, 48203B876, 7333C881, 8333b6665, 8333-8664, 7333C861, 7333D861, 7333D881, 8333E7564, 7333D871, 8333E756, 7333A871, 7333-871, 48253C966, 8333D8564, 7333A8664, 7333A886, 6759-707, 8333A8715, 8333B8669, 8333B8664, 7333A888, 8333D856, 48203B866, 48203B866, 48253-866, 48253-876, 48253A866, 48253A876, 48253B866, 48253B876, 48253C966, 48263-876, 48263A876, 48263B876, 48263C966, 6759A723, 8333B6714, 7333A887, 8333C8664, 7333C8664, 7333D8664, 7333C866, 6759-723, 7333B881, 7333-797, 7333-7974, 7333-863, 7333-8634, 7333-866, 7333-8664, 7333-867, 7333-8674, 7333-881, 7333-8812, 7333-8814, 7333-8815, 7333-882, 7333-8824, 7333-883, 7333-8833, 7333-8834, 7333-8836, 7333-886, 7333-8864, 7333-887, 7333-8873, 7333-8874, 7333-8876, 7333-888, 7333-8884, 7333A697, 7333A6974, 7333A797, 7333A7974, 7333A866, 7333A867, 7333A8674, 7333A881, 7333A8812, 7333A8813, 7333A8814, 7333A8815, 7333A8816, 7333A882, 7333A8823, 7333A8824, 7333A8826, 7333A8863, 7333A8864, 7333A8866, 7333A8873, 7333A8874, 7333A8876, 7333A8883, 7333A8884, 7333A8886, 7333A897, 7333A8974, 7333B697, 7333B6974, 7333B797, 7333B7974, 7333B866, 7333B8664, 7333B867, 7333B8674, 7333B8812, 7333B8813, 7333B8814, 7333B8815, 7333B8816, 7333B882, 7333B8823, 7333B8824, 7333B8826, 7333B886, 7333B8863, 7333B8864, 7333B8866, 7333B887, 7333B8873, 7333B8874, 7333B8876, 7333B888, 7333B8883, 7333B8884, 7333B8886, 7333C697, 7333C6974, 7333C797, 7333C7974, 7333C867, 7333C8674, 7333C8812, 7333C8813, 7333C8814, 7333C8815, 7333C8816, 7333C882, 7333C8823, 7333C8824, 7333C8826, 7333C886, 7333C8863, 7333C8864, 7333C8866, 7333C887, 7333C8873, 7333C8874, 7333C8876, 7333C888, 7333C8883, 7333C8884, 7333C8886, 7333D866, 7333D867, 7333D8674, 7333D8712, 7333D8713, 7333D8714, 7333D8715, 7333D8716, 7333D872, 7333D8723, 7333D8724, 7333D8726, 7333D876, 7333D8763, 7333D8764, 7333D8766, 7333D877, 7333D8773, 7333D8774, 7333D8776, 7333D878, 7333D8783, 7333D8784, 7333D8786, 7333D8812, 7333D8813, 7333D8814, 7333D8815, 7333D8816, 7333D882, 7333D8823, 7333D8824, 7333D8826, 7333D886, 7333D8863, 7333D8864, 7333D8866, 7333D887, 7333D8873, 7333D8874, 7333D8876, 7333D888, 7333D8883, 7333D8884, 7333D8886, 7333E8873, 7333E8876, 8332-896, 8332-897, 8332B891, 8332B896, 8332B897, 8333-866, 8333-8664, 8333-871, 8333-8712, 8333-8714, 8333-8715, 8333-876, 8333-8764, 8333-8766, 8333-877, 8333-8774, 8333A866, 8333A871, 8333A8712, 8333A8714, 8333A8715, 8333a8764, 8333a8774, 8333A8766, 8333B666, 8333B6664, 8333B66P, 8333B6762, 8333B6764, 8333B6766, 8333B6774, 8333B67P, 8333B67P3, 8333B871, 8333B8714, 8333B876, 8333B8764, 8333B8766, 8333b877, 8333B8774, 8333C866, 8333C8665, 8333C8714, 8333C8764, 8333C8766, 8333C8774, 8333D666, 8333D6664, 8333D671, 8333D6714, 8333D676, 8333D6764, 8333D6766, 8333D677, 8333D6774, 8333D866, 8333D8664, 8333D871, 8333D8714, 8333D8764, 8333D8766, 8333D8774, 8333E776, 8333E7764, 8333E7766, 8335-8966, 8333-896, 8333A8664, 6759E707, 6759B707, 6759D707, 8333B676, 6759-808, 6759A707, 6759R707, 6759C707, 8333C8769, 7333B876, 6759-807, 6759C705, 6759-727, 6757D707, 8333B6769, 48253B856, 6749R707, 8333B6669, 7333C876, 7333A8874