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Eternabond CFK-ULT Ultimate Roofing KitOur RVs can take us anywhere. But less than perfect road conditions, repeated use, and other environmental factors can cause roof and vent leaks. At best, an RV roof leak can be a nuisance; in worst case scenarios it can pose serious risks to other components in the vehicle. Repairing or preventing a leak in your RV's roof goes much easier when you have all the supplies handy. To that end, EternaBond has several different types of repair kits to cover a variety of situations. Eternabond has a reputation for developing some of the best leak repair products on the market.
Vents and skylights are great for air circulation and offer the opportunity for additional natural light throughout the vehicle. Over time, the seams around these welcome additions can become susceptible to excessive leaking without the proper maintenance. The Eternabond StickNBond Roof Vent Installation Kit works perfectly for vent and small skylight installation. This kit protects the seams around your vents using a simple peel and stick method; effectively eliminating the mess that sometimes occurs when applying regular sealant coating. This kit is field tested by the best RV manufacturers in the business, and has UV coatings within the sealant to resist breakdown through many years of use. It comes with DoubleStick tape, super seal tape and 28 hex head screws for securing a vent or skylight.
Just like all the major components in your RV, your roof seams require maintenance as well. Each year your roof seams should be checked and sealed to prevent cracks that can cause leaks. EternaBond has two roof repair kits to make the task easier. The All Purpose Roof Repair Kit and the Ultimate Roofing Kit (pictured) are both ideal for almost any type of RV roof leak repair work. The included supplies assist in applying the tape and can work around any RV rooftop features. The All Purpose kit works on nearly any roofing material, and comes with DoubleStick tape, RoofSeal tape, EternaClean, EternaPrime, a utility knife for easy cutting and a scouring pad. All of these items can be neatly stowed in the included 3.5 gallon bucket when not in use. The Ultimate kit takes things a step further. It includes all the items from the All Purpose Kit, and adds another roll of RoofSeal, a steel roller for providing even pressure on the tape, and a seam probe. The Ultimate kit can be stored in the shoulder bag that comes with the supplies. Using larger kits saves you from having to purchase everything separately and keeps everything in one convenient place. For small emergency repairs that need to be taken care of quickly, there is the EternaBond Micro Sealant Leak Repair Kit. Available in white or black, it comes with the strip of RoofSeal tape and a prep pad to clean off the surface before application.
For more information on Eternabond Leak Repair products, please don't hesitate to contact us. We can help you out in finding RV accessories and repair products that are perfect for getting - and keeping - your RV on the road this season.
By Julie T

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