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RVing in inclement weatherSummer is now unofficially here, and with the warmer temperatures and higher humidity comes the higher potential of severe weather. As we are all probably aware, severe thunderstorms can produce damaging winds, rain and hail, sometimes leading to floods or even tornadoes. Different parts of the country are more prone to different types of storms, which is something to keep in mind during an RV trip. Being prepared for severe weather is the best line of defense, so you and your family can stay safe and take action if necessary. One of the best ways to stay prepared is to keep an eye on the current and upcoming weather conditions. Luckily there are several products available that can keep you up to date.
Of course, using a TV, radio or weather app can tell you the weather forecast for that day and the foreseeable future, but there are other ways to get this information as well. A window pane thermometer such as the one from Optix obviously tells you the current outside temperature, which is helpful even under normal conditions to let you know what it's like outside. However you'll also be able to tell if there is a quick change in temperature, something that often precedes an upcoming storm. For the best results the thermometer should be positioned away from direct sunlight, as it can give a deceiving reading if the sun is shining on it all day. The Optix model features large easy to read numbers, and works like a window decal. For more detailed information, Minder Research has a weather station that shows indoor/outdoor temperature & humidity, as well as barometric pressure and the current forecast. Warm, humid air or air pressure that is steadily falling are both good indicators of a potential storm. The Minder Research weather station can be plugged in or work off a battery if needed. With a quick glance, you'll be aware of the current conditions, without having to check a smartphone app or turn on a TV.
Having access to NOAA weather broadcasts can be particularly important, especially if you don't have outside electrical power and are relying on battery operated devices. You may already have a weather radio for RV trips, however the two way radios from Microtalk pull double duty as a means of communication. This can be extremely helpful if cell phone reception is at a minimum. They feature rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, with access to 10 NOAA channels, so if someone is away from your group, they can not only communicate with you, but also have access to weather alerts.
If a storm does hit while you are away from home, we also carry items such as lanterns, emergency blankets and rain ponchos that can help keep you safe and protected during inclement weather. If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.
By Julie T

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