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MorRyde Sliding Cargo TrayMaking sure your vehicle's batteries are in charged and in good condition can go a long way to adding to your peace of mind. Taking care of your batteries and keeping them properly charged helps to make sure they will maintain their performance. It may even help to extend their lifespan. Even if you currently have your RV in storage for the winter, your batteries will not hold on to the same charge just because they are not actively used. The different types of chargers and maintainers available can be suited for different purposes. BatteryMINDer has several different types of products that can assist in this matter.
Having an over or undercharged battery can reduce their overall lifespan. Having a charger that keeps the battery at the right power level is important. Both the BatteryMINDer 24041 and one of our more recent additions, the 1510, have a temperature sensor to prevent this possibility. The 24041 is made for 24V batteries, while the 1510 is intended for use with 12V batteries. The 24041 also has the added feature of being able to choose the charge rate and battery type (Gel, AGM or Flooded). The 1510 works for all lead acid battery types. Keep in mind that the battery should have at least a minimal charge to it, rather than being completely dead.
Maintaining a battery charge is especially important when it sits for a long period without being used. It keeps the battery from going completely dead over time, ideally without overcharging the battery. When it comes to this aspect of a battery's life, several of the BatteryMINDer chargers can work to maintain battery levels as well. Both the 24041 and 1510 use SmarTECHnology to maintain multiple batteries at once. If multiple batteries are connected at the same time, make sure they are equally charged first. For the 12V batteries found in jet skis, ATVs or motorcycles, the BatteryMINDer SureCare can preserve the charge level, although it is not intended for use as a charger.
You are probably aware that you should not leave household batteries inside a device that you are not currently using. On a related note, there is another potential hazard for RV batteries that are left to sit for a long time, called sulfation. Sulfation happens when sulfur starts to crystalize inside the battery, leading to poor performance or no charge. That being said, another part of battery care should include a conditioner. Investing in a conditioner such as the 24041 can help to prevent sulfation from occurring in your battery.
By Julie T

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