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Protect your RV ExteriorAs you know RVs, fifth wheel trailers and campers are big and tall and while driving you have blind spots or areas of the vehicle that you just can't see. In this article we are going to discuss just a few safety accessories that can help protect the exterior from damaging accidents and save you from having to pay for the expensive cost of repairing those damages.
Just imagine you are driving down the road, towing a trailer behind you. You come to an under passage of a bridge the clearance sign says that you will make it, but you do not know that work had just been done to the bridge. So you drive under thinking that you will make it and then crash you hit. Maybe this has happened to you before but if not this can create a lot of damage and cost big money to fix. A solution to this problem is simple by installing an overhead collision alert system, the sensor will tell you an accurate reading of the height of the overhang on your in-cab display. If the passage is to low a buzzer will sound, alerting you that you will not make the clearance.
Backing up your RV, trailer or camper can be a difficult task if you don't have someone standing in the back telling you if your too close to something or to keep going a bit further. A back up monitor in this situation would be the perfect way to keep you from backing up into something or someone. It gives you a live view of what is behind you, allowing you to safely back up into a camping site, driveway, into the street or anywhere else.
Lastly, another good accessory to have would be tow mirrors. When driving down the road with a wide trailer or camper it is very hard to see along the side. To make it easier add a tow mirror, which will extend your view making it simple to switch lanes or park your vehicle.
By Heather L

Protecting Your RV Exterior While Driving

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