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RV SecurityJust like at home, security is an important consideration when on the road in an RV. It’s important to be aware of your surroundings and to take precautions against theft and other types of crime. It's always best to be prepared, especially if you are in an unfamiliar area. There are several RV accessories you can use to help protect your family and your belongings. Knowing you've taken the proper steps toward increasing security will give you greater confidence and peace of mind during your travels
Security lighting is often used for businesses and homes, and the same principle can be applied to motorhomes. For example, a motion sensor light, such as the Star Light Smart Light, mounted near the door will help deter any potential criminals. It can also function much like a porch light, making it safer for you to climb stairs and open your entry door. The motion sensor feature will also save energy by only coming on when its needed. Spotlights and path lights can take this tactic even further. An RV with security lighting will also give the impression that the RV is occupied. A criminal is less likely to try forcing his way inside when he can clearly be seen doing so by anyone in the vicinity.
Locks are the most basic way to keep out potential thieves, as they are more inclined to go for an easy target. Installing deadbolts on each door and other appropriate locks on all of the storage compartments will go a long way toward keeping your belongings secure. There are many different types of locks available, including combination locks for storage compartments and electric door locks with a keyless entry. There are also security cables and locking cargo trays that can secure anything you have stored outside your RV. Vehicle theft, while improbable, is still a possibilty. A hitch receiver lock, if applicable, will help prevent drive-away thefts.
Using a security system such as the 9003P portable version from WestOz Wireless gives you a similar stronghold to the security system you may have at home. The 9003P uses a motion sensor to detect activity and has the ability to give off a siren when triggered. The alarm is easily controlled through the use of a remote key fob, which can also trigger the siren in an immediate emergency. It can work with multiple motion sensors if necessary and is wireless, saving you from a complicated installation. It even comes with a decal so you can let others know that your motorhome features an alarm system. This alarm system operates on batteries, which provide at least 2 years of life.
By Julie T

RV Accessories for Better Security

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