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RV Slide-OutLike homes on foundations, campers often need maintenance or repairs to keep them working at their best. Many people buy RVs with slide-outs to increase the interior floor space. What they often don't consider is that when the slide out mechanisms aren't working properly, the potential for inconvenience is high. You can't safely move an RV with the slides out and if the slides are stuck in, there may be parts of your RV, like the refrigerator or the bathroom that you can't reach.
There are many small complex RV parts that make a slide-out work from the motor to the battery to the tiniest fittings. Regular maintenance and oiling of these fittings can extend their life span. If the slide-out is loaded with many heavy items or used when the RV is not level, the fittings can bend. Those things also strain the slide out motor. If the motor is starting to sound bad, it might be time to consider a preventative replacement so you don't have to experiment with the manual crank system. Another item to maintain and keep lubricated is all your moving parts, especially the rollers and rails.
If your slide-out malfunctions on a trip and is stuck out, you can usually find a manual crank underneath to put it away but those are not meant for regular use and can be difficult. As part of regular maintenance, you should locate the manual crank and be sure that it is not rusted. Applying rust proofing sprays or oils to the crank will help keep it ready to use if it becomes necessary.
The seals of the slide-out should also be tended to maintain suppleness. They should be inspected before use to be sure there was no dry rot while the RV was in storage. After use, they should be inspected for damage. Some insects, bees, and small mammals can create holes in the seals, creating the slide-out to not work properly. There are products you can spray on the seals to protect them from sun damage and discourage chewing.
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By Heather L

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