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RV Starter KitIf you're a beginner RVer and you just purchased your first RV or fifth wheel trailer, how do you know what you need for your first road trip. Unless you have a family member or a friend that is an RVer, that can tell you the necessities, you might have to do a bit of research on the internet. One necessity you will need are all the parts and accessories for the water and sewer systems. When you figure out what you have and don't have, check out our wide selection of RV starter kits that will save you money and bundle the supplies you need into one.
Having the proper hoses and fittings can make all the difference in the world, when using your water and holding tanks. Especially for the waste tank, which is very important to keep up with. If you don't clean your tank often it will lead to clogs, build up of scum and have lingering odors that will make your RV inhabitable. Also not having the proper hose or water pressure regulator for the water tank can create a leak and will slowly drain all the water out of your tank, leaving you with nothing for your trip.
The majority of these starter kits include a sewer hose and adapter, tank treatment, water hose, regulator, electrical adapter and toilet tissue. Many of them come in a deluxe or premium package and will give you even more. The two brands these kits come in are Camco and Valterra. The Valterra is a popular one amongst beginners because a couple of their kits not only come with many accessories, but it also includes a 54 minute informational DVD that will train you on basic RV Systems. If you need any help choosing a kit or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
By Heather L

RV Starter Kits

Here are a few RV starter kits that we carry:
Camco 44771 Deluxe Starter Kit
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Camco 44763 Supreme Starter Kit Bucket
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Valterra K88108DVD Deluxe Starter Kit With Dvd
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