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Readybrake RB-4000B Towed Vehicle Ball Style Supplemental Brake System
Readybrake RB-4000B Towed Vehicle Ball Style Supplemental Brake System
Readybrake RB-4000B Towed Vehicle Ball Style Supplemental Brake System

: $495.95
MFG P/N: RB-4000B
MFG: nsa RV Products
Weight (lbs): 25

Ships in 1-2 Business Days
Product Code: RB-4000B

DESCRIPTION Instructions
The Readybrake Towed Vehicle Ball Style Supplemental Brake System RB-4000B by NSA RV Products is dependable and reliable. Each system comes complete with one ReadyBrake, one adjustable cable sling, towed vehicle internal cable sling w/conduit and conduit floor mount, brake tie brackets, conduit bracket, and complete easy to read instructions. The RB-4000B Readybrake has a towing capacity of 8,000 lbs. and comes with a Lifetime Guarantee. Also included is a free DL-300 monitoring system that mounts in the dash of your motorhome. The ReadyBrake will fit on any tow bar with a 2-inch receiver. Made in the U.S.A. with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Comes complete with
  • Readybrake
  • Adjustable cable sling
  • Towed vehicle internal cable sling w/ conduit and conduit floor mount
  • Brake tie brackets
  • Conduit bracket
  • Free DL-300 monitoring system
When you brake while towing a vehicle behind an RV, stopping distance is increased due to the weight of the vehicle and it's momentum pushing against the RV. The ReadyBrake uses this energy to compress a shock and spring inside it which allows an actuator arm to smoothly move forward, pulling down your towed vehicle brake pedal with an attached cable. It takes a few hundred pounds of pressure to activate the ReadyBrake, so the towed vehicle will follow the RV down a steep mountain grade only applying brakes when you do. After initial install, only an adjustable sling cable is used to connect or disconnect the ReadyBrake. It is recommended to leave about 2 inches of slack in the adjustable sling cable to keep the brake from activating while going over dips like at a gas station. When the RV comes to a complete stop the ReadyBrake actuator arm stays in the forward position continuing to hold the towed vehicle brake pedal down until the RV moves forward a couple of inches to disengage it. Use of the ReadyBrake can proportionally decrease stopping distance by upwards of 30%.

NSA ReadybrakeTowed Vehicle Ball Style Supplemental Brake System

Additional Product Information
When the brake pedal of the motorhome gets pushed, the weight of the tow car pushes the tow bar into the ReadyBrake. The brake then slides on itself with a lever sticking out of the top it then pulls on two cables hooked directly to the pedal of the tow car. Thus using the tow cars own brakes to stop.