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STO-RVB100BK RV Sunvent Solar Powered RV Vent Cover - Black
Stoett STO-RVB100BK RV Sunvent Solar Powered RV Vent Cover - Black
Stoett STO-RVB100BK RV Sunvent Solar Powered RV Vent Cover - Black

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The Stoett Black RV Sunvent Solar Powered vent cover is one of the first solar-powered roof vent covers for RVs and trailers. This vent cover not only keeps rain out while your RV's vent is open, but the solar-powered fans help boost ventilation in your RV to remove moisture along with hot and stagnant air. The solar-powered RV fan and vent cover will allow you to keep fresh air in your RV while saving your RV's battery. Just crack a window for inflow air and let the hot, moist air escape through your Solar RVblaster vent cover. This is a perfect solution for dry camping as it will not drain your RV's battery. Additionally, it works while your RV is in storage to keep your RV dry and to help prevent mold and mildew.

  • Keeps fresh air moving in your RV while your away.
  • Designed to help boost the effectiveness of your RV's exhaust vents.
  • Whenever the sun is shining, the fans will activate and pull the hot air out of your RV.
  • Super simple operation, no thermostat or on/off switch is needed.
  • No wiring is required, the units only power comes from the solar panel
  • Open vent when you require ventilation, close it on those days you don't.
  • The fans do the work whenever the sun is shining.
  • Perfect for removing fumes in toyhaulers and trailers.
  • Durable, proven longevity
  • Quiet dual fans only run during daylight hours
  • 10 watt solar panel will run a single fan during overcast days, both fans on sunny days
  • Fits standard 14" x 14" vents
  • Installing a Solar RVblaster on your RV or trailer is a simple install that requires a power drill, Phillips screwdriver, pencil and an adjustable wrench.
  • Color: Black
  • 1 year manufacturers warranty
  • Made in America

Stoett RV Sunvent Solar Powered RV Vent Cover - Black