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Eternabond leak repair

Eternabond RoofSeal has fast become the ultimate way to seal your RV's roof seams and in our opinion, the only way to do it right and permanently. However, with this blog entry, we're going to let you know why it will work for fixing most any leak repair you may have on the road, or around the house.

First Choice for Professionals

Professional roof repair specialists have found that Eternabond is a product they can trust to delivery perfect results on every job. When it was found that the new metal roof installed on a schools track and field build was leaking, contractors turned to Eternabond to solve the problem. ( Read article here)

Works on Practically all Metals

Eternabond is such an versatile sealant it will even work on metals such as aluminum, steel, copper and Kynar coated metals. Giving you professional, permanent results every time without exception.

Works on Most Other Materials Too

Not only will Eternabond work for fixing a leaky RV roof, it will work for patching other materials too, such as tile, wood, concrete, rubber, EPDM, fiberglass, PVC and even pond liners.

Trusted by Dozens of RV Manufacturers

RV manufacturers recommend that RV roof seams get yearly maintenance. However, if you use Eternabond RoofSeal, you can apply it once and probably never have to deal with it again for as long as you own the vehicle. This is because Eternabond RoofSeal has proven to be nearly impervious to UV rays, even after nearly 20 years in full sunlight.

Seals in All Types of Weather Conditions

Eternabond is durable and will flex, expand and contract in all types of weather conditions. In fact, by using EternaPrime beforehand, you can even apply it in temperatures as low as 20 degrees below zero! This is because it has a built in primer which allows it to chemically bond with EternaPrime, making it a permanent water-tight seal for all roofs, regardless of material.

Owning an RV can be lots of fun for you and your family. However, having Eternabond on your roof and in your toolbox is one of the best choices to help keep the fun rolling for years to come. To get a roll of Eternabond for yourself, contact us, we'll be glad to help.

By Bill Rowell

Eternabond Works for Most Any Leak