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Fixing and preventing leaks in your RV’s roof is important for preventing damage and expensive repairs. RV roof seams should be inspected for potential leaks or damage at least once a year, more if you use your RV regularly. Regular cleanings several times a year should also take place to keep your RV’s roof properly maintained. Being aware of trouble spots allows you to take care of them before they become big issues. One of those ways to take care of the issue is through sealant tape. Sealant tapes can not only repair tears in seams, it can also be used to waterproof the boundary around rooftop accessories, and make sure any wiring is fixed down.

EternaBond sealant tape uses MicroSealant technology to create a nearly permanent bond to various surfaces. It can last for 20-35 years, which can sometimes be longer than the life of your RV, depending on how old your rig already is. EternaBond tape is available in four varieties, with RoofSeal being the most commonly used type. It is easy to apply and while RoofSeal comes in different colors, it can be painted over to match your RV’s roof. It can sit on a shelf for up to 5 years, so it doesn’t have to be used all at once, and features a 10 year warranty. It is designed to work when exposed to the elements, even under direct UV light. It’s manufactured to flex, expand and contract in all types of weather conditions.

If the surface is properly prepped before applying, the longer the EternaBond tape will last. The surface should be clean and clear of debris, first of all. Secondly, if the surface is uneven, or unable to be cleaned completely, EternaPrime primer should be applied. As the tape is laid down, it should be pressed down either with your hand or a metal roller to remove air bubbles and activate the bonding process.

There are other options for RV leak repair as well. Dicor offers a number of products that can be used to seal and protect a rubber roof. One of the main products is Dicor’s 2-step roof coating system that protects the surface. In Step 1, the Cleaner/Activator gets the surface clean and prepares it for Step 2, in which the acrylic coating is bonded to the surface for a protective barrier. CoFair Products also has sealant tape that works on multiple surfaces to provide a lasting bond. For quick fixes, CoFair has a roof patch kit that includes two square patches, alcohol pads, and a plastic applicator.

By doing a little preventative maintenance, you can save your RV from a lot of costly damage. RV roof sealant tape is one way to stop small problems before they become bigger. For that reason, it’s a good idea to keep a spare roll in your RV in case something happens while you are on the road. In the event of a heavy rainstorm, or a tree branch puncturing the roof, you’ll be able to repair the damage right away.

Stopping Leaks on Your RV Roof