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Using a trailer brake controllerThere are several advantages to using a gooseneck style trailer coupling, including increased weight capability and better control when driving. Gooseneck style couplings do differ from fifth wheel couplings, particularly in how they are set up and attach to the truck bed. When it comes to gooseneck trailer hitches, there are options available from Blue Ox and B & W Trailer Hitches that can get the job done.
The gooseneck hitches that are available allow you to still have a level truck bed when you are not towing. Oftentimes the hitch ball can be removed and turned over back into the socket so there is nothing to obscure the truck bed. Keep in mind that the hitches are not universal, different hitches are designed for use with different vehicle makes and model years. Just like with other types of towing, the towing weight capacity that is needed for the trailer has to be compatible with the tow vehicle. The hitches also can differ with how they are mounted to the truck, which is something else to consider when deciding on which one to choose.
Blue Ox & B & W hitches work in a similar fashion, with a few differences, mainly in construction and how they are installed. Blue Ox Diamond hitches are bolted onto the truck frame, using the holes that are already there whenever possible. Locking tabs on the hitch ball will prevent it from coming loose during towing. Being able to remove the ball from the truck bed also keeps you from having to reach underneath the truck to unhook a lever or cable. B & W trailer hitches are designed to work with the existing holes in the truck frame to minimize the amount of drilling. A steel locking pin is used with the B & W hitches to help keep the hitch ball in place. The hitches all come ready to mount with all the hardware needed to install. Drilling may be needed to accommodate the hitch ball in the truck bed, however there is no welding needed. The hitches are often capable of up to 30,000 lbs GTW and a 7,000-7,500 lb tongue weight. Because these hitches all attach beneath the truck bed, they leave more room for transporting cargo if necessary.
As always, if you need more information or help on finding the trailer hitch that is right for you, please contact us .
By Julie T

Gooseneck Trailer Hitches

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