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Staying environmentally conscious while RV-ing isn’t necessarily a contradiction in terms. Taking an RV trip can actually be one of the eco-friendlier ways to travel, particularly when compared to flying somewhere and staying in a hotel. RVs are being designed nowadays to create less of a carbon footprint than RVs in the past. They typically use less water than homes do and can travel with more people than a smaller vehicle on a road trip. In addition, most likely you take your motorhome to natural spots. You'll probably be more apt to want to see it preserved for future generations.

RV travel is already involved with the concept of conservation. Conserving space, time, or supplies are all aspects of the RV lifestyle. There are some more specific ways you can seek to conserve resources while RV-ing. Using solar power makes use of a renewable energy source, with many portable solar panel options available in varying sizes to accommodate your needs. Converting your RV’s lighting to LED lights will also conserve energy, as they don’t need to draw as much power as conventional bulbs. Another thing you can do whether RV-ing or tent camping is to not make your campfires any larger than necessary. Make the most of natural weather conditions when you can. Use shade rather than running fans or the AC or sunlight rather than running a heater. Keep an eye on your water usage. Use a water filter rather than buying up bottled water. Using low flow plumbing fixtures such as the Phoenix AirFusion showerhead can cut down on water usage as well. It uses a vacuum valve to compress air bubbles, which expand as they go through the showerhead, creating a high pressure while using 20% less water!

Recycling isn’t just for when you are at home. You can take the idea with you during your RV travels. Minimizing trash also goes a long way. Try not to take along more food than you’ll need, and make your own meals when you can, rather than relying on prepackaged food that generates more trash. Obviously, keep your campsite clean, and don't leave trash lying around when you leave. When you do have recyclables, Camco makes a collapsible recycling container. The container stands 24" high and can collapse down to 2.5" when not in use. It features 3 compartments for bottles, cans & paper.

Favoring environmentally friendly products is also a help. This relates mainly to the cleaners and odor eliminators that you use for your RV. Try to stick to ones that are made with biodegradable or natural substances, which can be broken down without harming the environment. Walex Bio Active, Kronen, and Thetford Eco Smart are all holding tank treatments that use natural or biodegradable methods to break down waste. Kronen is especially unique in that it implements naturally occurring micro-organisms to complete this process, while also eliminating odors without having to resort to scented chemicals. Bio-Kleen is a cleaner and de-greaser for your RV exterior and uses a non-toxic, environmentally safe formula.

Taking Eco-Friendly RV Trips